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-If any patients is very serious + they have some external issue like sugar or BP they should be monitored for oxygen every 30min ystrd same mistake was done by us at 2am oxy was 95 at 4am checked it came to 75 to 67

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2ndly no hsptl will entertain u when u r calling them select a near by area where there is 4-5 hospital nearby go physically and stand in queue my morning 1-1.5hr was wasted just by calling if u r in emergency ward they will definitely entertane you I got oxygen like this today
3rd don't be Choosey for hospital, wherever and whenever u get bed plz Nd plz take it whether u r in Medanta or Delhi govt hospital medicine will be same 1 jagha sa bhaago ga toh vo opportunity bhi jaigi haath sa biggest mistake (plz make a not)

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Cont of 3rd baad ma when u get confirmation u can go to other hospital a family their did same mistake they shifted to another hosptl (private) where their was probability Nd present sa discharge Ker Diya and eventually they came back after 4 Hr to same place nd now no bed and O2
4th family members coming with patient should wear 2 mask, gloves and 2 t-shirt and shoes not slippers pack urself fully, family members came with covid+ patients all the family members did Rapid testing all were positive

"Sisuation is critical don't make it more Please"
5th wherever u get oxygen take it, if on chair on stool anywhere because oxygen is the most important thing hospital are basically seeing patients who are recovering and sending them back for home their is possiblity of getting a bed ( I got this today like this only)
6th Most Impt, don't abuse Doc, Nurses,Ward boys, Jr Doc
They are with you always
Most of them r working day nd night 12-12 hrs shift

Doc getting treatment
Nurse 4 food nd med
Ward cleaning nd other help

All are on continuous work

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Thori bahaut writing ma Galti hogi please uska liya maafi🙏🙏🙏
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