I ran the numbers on washing machine electricity usage and I am APPALLED.

850m washing machines worldwide consume around 140 GWh of electricity every year.

I'm only washing my clothes with my hand from now on & will start a campaign to ban washing machines!

The washing machine community contains some of the world's most toxic and unpleasant individuals. Most the world's serial killers use washing machines.

These people are literally boiling oceans when hand-washing is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative available to all.
Why should we as a society tolerate this selfishness of the washing machine community who want to consume electricity just to save time on hand-washing?

There are no social benefits to this waste when we are in a climate crisis & oceans are *literally* boiling.
I'm disturbed to find out another unnecessary electronic device consumes far more electricity than even washing machines.

1.4b fridges worldwide run 24/7 & consume around 3 TWh of energy every year. This would be completely unnecessary if everyone learned to like rotten food
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