Civil rights attorney David Henderson, who was a guest on @AlexWitt’s show a short time ago said something so important. American police are well trained at one thing in particular: violence. Most can shoot with extreme precision from a distance (Rayshard Brooks, Walter Scott...)
Even switching from a Tazer to a firearm quickly (well, the professionals who can tell two apart...) What they don’t seem to be too good at, generally, is de-escalation and non-violent means of gaining the thing they fixate almost exclusively on: compliance.
So the question is, how do you reform a system like that, with so many complex issues and so much potential lethality? Police are a necessity for investigating crime, and for aspects of civil order. But how do you reform a multi-state regime that feels so broken in so many ways?
We need to figure it out. Because if police — who are an arm of the government, paid by our tax dollars to “protect and serve” — lose the consent of the governed (and they are, in communities of color. Let’s just be clear about that...) we are on our way to potential chaos.
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