Thread on what @Crunchyroll is doing to #nagatoro , one of the hottest shows out of japan is unforgivable. Their translations are not just lazy. They are deliberately shitty and cringe. Adapted by soy bug gamer people to appeal to soy bug gamer people and nobody else.
Translations are a very simple concept. You take a word and translate it DIRECTLY into another languages word. Sometimes there is no direct translation. So you engage in whats called "localization". However doing this in a sloppy way can RUIN a character , show , and feeling.
Exibit A on why the people subbing this show should be fired. "sus" is not a word. Its not real. its meme from a videogame that quite literally just became popular in the past year. In 10 years. nobody will know what the fuck they are saying here. This is lazy.
Exibit B is much much more explicit. Here we already have official translations yet the staff decided to trash that translation for a goober gamer word that nobody outside of fighting game communities would understand. Again , hire actual translators. Or just stick to source.
Exhibit C is more of the same. derp is not a fucking word. I have spoken english my entire life and this sentence is nonsensical. Im sure the idiot who approved this was giggling like an idiot at how dank his sick reddit meme word was.
Why is this a problem? because if you want fans to buy a product , like for example blu rays. You have to deliver them a actual completed product. As of right now the superior version of this show will be fansubbed.

@Crunchyroll should fire the person responsible.
If @Crunchyroll does not start accepting responsibility for their role in respecting existing franchises by butchering them and applying their sometimes political , most of the time lazy and dumb , standards. English speaking fans will have to take it to the japanese companies
japanese companies do not give a fuck about your feelings on the subject. They dont care about your dumb soy eating , funko pop collecting employees who im sure are paid way too much.

We are not asking for much. Just translate the fucking shit and stop writing new scripts
already have fucktards defending "sus" as a real word.
I dont care. The translation exists. They didnt use it because the staff at crunchyroll is garbage and unfunny
wow this is blowing up

If you are a black/LGBT weeb i dont care what you think.
black fighting game fans in my mentions blowing a george floyd sized gasket over "scrub" right now

lol nobody gives a fuck dude i dont care how mad you are that covid shut down your smash tourny
-MHA fan

they are connected
The amount of gays , black nerds , trannies , and linguists shitting their pampers over this thread is wild.
No posting screen caps of urban dictionary from 2016 does not make you right. No Japanese girls don’t use African American vernacular. Yes you MHA fans all have pronouns
“Durr sus has been a word forever” so has suspicious and suspiciously , the actual translation. How long until CR starts having anime girls drop “nigga” cause it’s hot with the “young people”
This thread got enough interactions from the people who understand corporate culture wars. However it’s been hijacked by people who want surgeons to build them vaginas
"Um actually , as a antifascist, support corporate cultural appropriation and colonialism in language if it supports my neo-pussy gofundme"
"lol go touch grass..... wait.... grass..... i cant stop my m*** pattern baldness...... THE DYSPHORIA IS HAPPENING AGAIN MOM PLEASE BUY ME BIRTH CONTROL AND TAMPONS"
"wow she is just like me"
my mentions full of black people after the covid/smash tourny's getting shut down comment

it was a low blow i get it but it had to be done. yall are out of pocket with your tangential support of white dudes who want black boys wearing dresses
people are claiming IM MAD when im simply pointing out that there was no reason to change "suspicious" to "sus" other than to entertain the people who work at CR.

Not alot of people defending a "diss into a derp" likely because its insane and proves my point
oh fuck now i get the whole tranny/linguist pipeline.

So the objective reality is words have a exact meaning. However their argumentation is that its sometimes fluid. like gender. Okay i get the motivation now this makes total sense you dont pass and will go bald
you will never pass
you will never convince a man to love you
you will never have the hips of a woman
you will never have the soft face of a woman
you will fight and lose , every day , until your untreated mental illness takes you.
Daily reminder that modern (keyword modern) transgenderism was an invention of a doctor named John Money. In the 60s he castrated a baby named david reimer as a experiment in his theories on gender. During his "appointments" he would force him and his twin brother to have sex
he was celebrated as a genius for decades in the mentally ill freak shrink community , until reimer killed himself and people found out about the sexual experiments on kids.

However pepsi and walmart says trans is okay.
the life expectancy of post op transgender people is measured not in decades but years. This is because while transition surgery is part of their paraphelia , nobody tells them its not a real functioning vagina , but a open wound that smells constantly of fecal matter and pus.
Most people do not know this. But transgender women DO menstruate. However instead of a natural shedding of a uterus lining. Its a buildup of bacteria , puss , hair , and dead skin cells that comes and goes. its been described as the worst smell on earth
Im not going to defend nazis here. But an interesting historical fact is that during the 1930s at the height of nazi power in germany , there were book burnings that pretty much everyone in the west condemned as barbaric and evil. Because who would burn a book right?
However lost in history is the fact that many of these book burnings were not like , liquidating libraries of the classics like we are facing now. But one was a targeted attack on dude called "magnus hirschfeld" who ran a outfit called Institut für Sexualwissenschaft
This man was for all intents and purposes the person who invented transgenderism as a actual "scientific" thing instead of the cultural/sexual phenomenon it actually is.

He died in france in the 30s and the ideology remain dormant for decades until the 2010 supreme court ruling
Which created a massive vacuum in gay activist $$$ since there was no longer anything to fight for. This is why you can see the "rebirth" of transgenderism directly correlate with 2010.
which brings us to our main star. Jazz jennings. Who is a reality TV show start that has been dragged out on day time talk shows as "the trans kid" before anyone else.

Here is what they wont tell you about jazz and his crazy parents
Jazz was a typical 3rd youngest brother. The runt of the litter who was likely neglected and had "no place". Likely put on dresses for attention. However the parents being very woke jews from florida, knew that it just HAD to be something else. So they found transgenderism
They immediately put the pre pubescent child on puberty blockers and started recording the life of the child on a TV show.

Eventually the child grew into a fat ugly teenager who was ready to have "transition surgery"
However , due to the puberty blockers , the doctors told jazz flat out , the baby penis he had developed as a result of the hormones was not enough "meat" to use for a new vagina. So instead they would experiment with a never been tried before use of anal tissue.
The surgery was a success , kind of. On the way out of the hospital the neopussy split open on camera. Jazz went straight back to the hospital.

Multiple surgeries later it was finally starting to look kind of like a vagina and jazz was happy.
Further episodes show the mother chastizing jazz for not dilating enough and said "if that thing closes up after we paid for that shit there would be hell to pay" or some variation of that.

this can all be seen with your own eyes in season 5-6 of this hellshow.
Oh and the kicker. Jazz was accepted into an ivy league college despite being dumber than dogshit and STILL skipped the first year because of "depression"

to my knowledge they stopped filming the show.
So what can we take from all this?

this giant hellthread?

What is the meaning of it all?
Also want to thank crunchyroll interns for the ratio very cool of you
evangelion 5.0 : you do (not) pass
just wanted to add some more stuff
might have to zoom in for this one its a long read
Eternal suffering brought to you by pepsi , walmart , amazon and raytheon
daily reminder transgender post op "women" have a literal shitpussy
daily reminder that transphobia is a badge of honor and you are part of a cult if you use it as some sort of insult or slur. History has 2 paths. Mass insanity and collapse. Or remembering how the entire west was tricked into this by celebrities and megacorporations
the country of france has declared this thread , wrongthink
im not much longer for this twitter world. However i must say for those of you who liked this thread its been an honor. For those of you who didnt. Ur gay lol

these are the people they tell you not to fear.

its bad to fear them.

Google universe 25.

behavioral sink
*gets uncomfortably close*
*right up to your ear*
"its sterilization of the mentally ill and people on the autistic spectrum and everyone is falling for it because amazon said it was okay and if you disagree with it they call you evil and get you fired haha"
lots of people mad about the john money thing.

ya modern transgenderism and "gender theory" is from a guy who castrated a kid and made him have sex with his twin brother to try to confirm that gender was fluid haha wow it worked.
Listen i dont know how much longer im going to be here. But  is recruiting. Its like twitter only better. However no gaywads , black fighting game fans , troons , people who watch MHA , and people who rescue pitbulls.
wait no dont sign up and raid the website that would be bad
seriously we dont have the bandwidth stop
Okay everyone line the fuck up and kneel.

Gays , black fighting game nerds , people with soybeards , incel tranny shieldmaidens , People who watch and enjoy MHA , vaush , people who adopt pitbulls

Just get on your fucking knees now.

I won. Nothing can change it
Hey @Crunchyroll how does it feel to get owned online for the 10 millionth time how about you just stop pretending translation is some sort of artistic job like game development when its really just no different than framing roofs. stick to the blueprint
Just want to thank everyone out there. Its hasnt been since like 2015 since i could nationally trend at will. Twitter made sure they ended the ability for users to actually trend things a long time ago.

however. for the first time in years. We are back.

a gift 4 #nagatoro
who would have thought , last night

history would be made on anitwitter once again

on a saturday night

(danzig sucks btw micheal graves is the GOAT and he was done dirty)
Another expert weighs in.
german version confirmed clean of dumb soyshit reddit garbage
wow its like crunchyroll is the problem here. What is it about american corporations and their failure to maintain any sort of professionalism? you see Infantilization in US corporations more than any other place. Its frightening.
man tanlines is just japanese for racism at this point.

dont worry you guys still have jynx from pokemon and mr popo
oh rainbow people thought we were done?

nah john money was real
seething little shitbird on /a/

i have already won and trended nationally. This account is but merely dust and its achievements have outlived its purpose.

give yourself a pat on the back
clean it up janny
all the confused people on /a/

Its called gatekeeping.

anime fans have let these sad left wingers squeeze their obese bodies into the industry and have done nothing about it. apply for a job and Report them for homosexual sex harassment. you lose nothing
lots of various gayflags in my mentions today (tens of thousands)

question. Left to your own devices and given total publishing power.

how would you localize this character?
this guy sounds like a gaywad but give him money anyway
okay so i have an offer

if everyone viewing this thread gives this dude a dollar i will delete my account

I cant imagine being poor AND gay and without a sick gaming computer.
another charity post. Have no idea who this guy is but he only has 100 subs on youtube and says he is making a video about me. says he doesnt care about subs

I respect the grind. change that sub count
alright enough charity.

Lets talk about TERFS

Trans exclusionary radical feminists.

Im not a fan of feminism but im a fan of consistency. Imagine fighting for like 200 years for rights and then one day a dude shows up in a dress and demands your job because he is trans.
in the trans community there exists one enemy worse than capitalism , worse than white people , worse than fascism.

its women who dont buy their bullshit. And they are HAAAATTTEEEDD for it. Unfortunately their story isnt told much. But they routinely get brutally harassed
So one must ask if transgender women are actual women. Why would their greatest foe be women who say "lol no"?

its because they know its not true. Its just a mentally ill power grab. And their only true roadblock to becoming women is the existence of real women
ian micheal chungus has entered the fray
anime isnt art? really chungus amungus?

then explain this (watch all 5 seasons of symphogear by the way or you are rtarded)
people are like "OMG HE IS STILL GOING" bro like what is wrong with people im trending nationally what am i supposed to do?
another funny thing

"omg i was agreeing with you until you did X"

like these people would try to save a girl drowning who had tourettes and let out a "nigga" and let her drown.

either you agree that crunchyroll sucks ass or you dont. Nut up this century is not gonna be kind
not even like 2 hours and chungus amungus has reversed position

he is the azn weather vane
somebody just messaged me that they appreciate the thread. Their brother was killed after he was groomed by these people and "pinkpilled". sadly committed suicide

The stories you never hear are the ones that are the most horrible.
no its not made up
ya so all these people are saying "omg get some bitches" like okay dm the nudes i think my DM's are open put your money where your mouth is i will cure your liberalism
wow distressing. Another guy i knew from minneapolis just messaged me. His "sister" committed suicide

warning NSFW
bro is twitter moderation at some democrat sex ritual right now or something wtf
twitter moderation check
going for a walk if im not banned we are going off
wow what a joke.

okay first of all all you poltards just join  if you are worried about "losing me"

second of all
what happened to twitter support
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