While the Ottoman government committed genocide against the Armenians, regional Muslim authorities saved and gave refuge to the Armenian survivors. Here is the decree by the Sharif of Mecca. #ArmenianGenocide ( https://www.armenian-genocide.org/Affirmation.4/current_category.1/affirmation_detail.html)
Egypt’s government in 1915 welcomed the orphans of the #ArmenianGenocide and, in cooperation with the Near East Relief, placed over 2500 orphans in Armenian homes in Cairo and Alexandria.
One of the best pieces on how Armenians came to live among the Arabs: “The Syrian press reported the atrocities even before the European press, and occasionally expressed fear the Young Turks in power could inflict similar measures on Arabs." 1/2 https://www.aljazeera.com/amp/opinions/2015/4/25/how-the-armenians-came-to-live-among-arabs
"Ottoman Arabs understood immediately that Ottoman Armenians had been targeted as a people for eradication because they arrived with their narratives of massacres and suffering.” 2/2 #ArmenianGenocide
- You can recognise the #ArmenianGenocide without resorting to Islamophobia.
- Recognising the genocide is not an attack on Turkey or its beautiful people. No, it’s not Islamophobia.
- Recognition can start a healing process. It’s the most human & Islamic thing you can do.
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