I watched the HBO doc about 8chan/QAnon on StormyPatriotJoe’s @telegram channel. He broadcast all the episodes with his commentary.

I’m not sure it helped him much unfortunately. Here he is with Flynn.
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So here is Maria Butina’s ex-lover Patrick Byrne declaring that Michael Flynn is going to be the “47th President of the United States” 😑
Mike Jr is playing with his nose a lot 🤷‍♂️
Here’s the thing about Lt. General Michael Flynn — he is very fucking stupid. No, really. Listen to this jumble of fascist non-sequiturs. 😬
🚨 Flynn is very fucking stupid but he also wants to destroy American democracy. I’m not sure if it could be made any clearer than this.
“We have got to get the American people fired up” is just about the most succinct description of his entire attack on America, including QAnon. This is a dangerous, Putin-compromised man who need to be locked up forever.
“We have three groups. We have Christians, we have veterans and we have SHERIFFS”

Holy fuck.
Bombs and Sycamore trees 🤷‍♂️
If Hitler were alive today...

Seriously, this is one of the sickest most racist distortions of American history imaginable.
Relationship advice from Mike Flynn is exactly how you think it will sound.
This. Is. A. CULT.
🚨🚨 You need to look at this to understand how this works

This is from the comments on StormyJoe’s video of Flynn.
Here are neo-nazis RECRUITING QAnon victims who are feasting on Flynn’s appearances just as they did Q drops.

This is getting worse. Please, we need to wake up.
Seriously, what’s it going to take. This is a DIRECT CONNECTION between Mike Flynn and both QAnon and neo-nazi indoctrination.

It’s happening, as so much of it does on @telegram.

Again, @Apple and @Google you need to remove this dangerous app from your store until they fix this
As far as StormyPatriotJoe, well he posted this five minutes ago...
And, just because I’m incredibly angry right now. Everyone out there purposefully wasting my time with bullshit, fuck you. I’m not going anywhere.

This horrendous psychological and societal harm is happening under all our noses. Your distractions are transparent. Knock it off.
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