Looked it up. I have to ask at this point who is controlling the party.

I don’t think I know a single actual Democrat who’d think that this is a good idea. So where does the madness come from?

If you think this is great, chime in. I don’t think this is organically “The Left”. https://twitter.com/foxnews/status/1385374096855285760
By doing the bidding of our geopolitical rivals, our party Leadership is effectively asking for a mutiny. So....Where are the mutineers?
No one is so coked up on ‘diversity and inclusion’ that handing China all geopolitical advantage in STEM sounds like a good idea...unless you are CCP.
I want some non anonymous blue check accounts associated with the left to say getting rid of acceleration in math is a good idea. I just don’t have these conversations with Democrats. I see this on line, but always from the party or bot like minor accounts like @muhinclusion4378.
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