So, what's happening in Delhi in the last one week? Pitch in to sing paeans to the glorious Arvind Kejriwal.
1. Sudden Oxygen Crisis and Kejru whining, followed by hospitals
2. Supplies from outside Delhi facing delays due to dug-in by the Wailing Jattni Rakesh Tikait
3. Another long march on Delhi announced.
4. Haryana CM issued a public statement hinting Kejru is lying and that Delhi is getting more oxygen than its prescribed maximum.
5. Kejru caught pants down and had to beg for apology when Modi called him out for telecasting live a secure Government meeting
6. Centre released money for 8 oxygen plants in December but it is revealed that Delhi built only one.
7. NOC for DRDO(Hospital) and IOCL(Oxygen plant) facilities pending with Kejru Sarkar. DRDO cleared, IOCL yet to be.
8. Delhi's hospital availability map showing wrong data.
9. Delhi govt wasted three critical days by not sending tankers for Oxygen collection.
10. Migrant exodus out of Delhi
11. No vaccine requisition request for May.
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