if marvel resurrects tony stark, it proves once again they’re fucking idiots and i will stomp on them w my dirty ass adidas shoes until they pay me to stop bc tony died an iconic way & he should be left to rest in peace, i fucking hate marvel fans who are begging for his revival
like what the fuck is the reason? you’re acting like he didn’t have a funeral or a bunch of ppl properly honoring him after he passed. instead u should be pissed at the fact that no one even cared that natasha died like wtf
and if i get some comic nerd under this thread talking abt how “WELL ACTUALLY IN THE COMIC-“ i will fucking pound u to the ground too, if u think i care abt some random ass comic, you are mistaken bc i am busy worrying abt the possibility that i might have diabetes so like
also i don’t know why i added that last part, i will delete in the morning bc i am dying but i also refuse to sleep bc i haven’t found a good angst fic that i can cry asleep to
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