Documenting my thoughts extempore here, so apologies in advance if there's any grammatical errors.

Let me start with well deserved appreciation to those good souls who're responding to the SOS msgs and lending an helping hand to complete strangers.

Proud of you all!
To those who're sending the SOS msgs - on behalf of friends, family or just to amplify the msg - hang in there. This too shall pass, may Mahadev give you strength in this trying times.

For those who're infected by this abomination called #ChineseVirus, you're a fighter!
Remember that, never give up! This #ChineseVirus shall not defeat you nor our great Nation. Mahadev be with you and bless you to make complete recovery.

Now coming to the crux of the matter, why this outpour from urs truly.

While many others have already highlighted this, ++
++ all these happenings in past few days or week seems to be a coordinated effort to malign and break the Spirit of the Nation.

Remember, not too long ago, we're celebrating the fact that India is giving Vaccine to other countries.
We celebrated the fact that India - considered to be a 'developing country' is supplying (indigenously manufactured) Vaccine to so-called developed countries.

Above all, we celebrated a 70+ Sr. Citizen for leading the fight and our scientists community for coming up with Vaccine
This obviously has rattled few (but significant) ppl, who seem to have used the lull in pandemic to sow the seeds of chaos.

Sounds like conspiracy theory, look around and tell me what you see?

An irrelevant journo, who's career was as good as finished, now writing for WaPo...
...about India is struggling under the surge of 2nd Wave.

The attack seem to be multi-pronged:

1) they discredit the Vaccine
2) put embargo on raw material for Vaccine
3) PM being mocked (again) for irresponsibly handling the situation
4) MahaKumbh and election rallies targeted
Whether we agree or not, West & some vested interests believe that Modi will turn this country in to 'Hindu Rashtra'.

However, there's a difference in their defn. of 'Hindu Rashtra'. They believe, tht shud India become self-reliant, there's no power in world to Stop it.
And these 'attacks' that we're seeing today, from all quarters is an effort to 'clip our wings' so to say.

How did we let this happen? Were we complacent?

Though this might be unpopular opinion, I do think that we became complacent - in various front rather.
we're complacent in:

1) fight against #ChineseVirus
2) identifying 'bikaus' amongst us
3) keeping media in check
4) building a narrative in international forum

So, how does this all going to end? Here's my take on it, with no apparent justification, just gut-feeling.
1) we're gonna beat this #ChineseVirus and the narrative created at international forum
2) there's gonna be drastic change in policies - be it media or foreign affairs
3) I anticipate some drastic changes at political level - most leaders will lose plot, one slime bag however...
...will continue to play spoilsport. The person is propped up by vested interest as a long term plan.

Watch out for him, the slime ball might play more tricks to score political brownie points. However, such gimmicks wud also be his downfall.
Wow, didn't know I had this much pent up in me and believe me, I hv not even covered 1/3rd of what I really wanted to say.

Ending my rant/thoughts by once again paying tribute to our frontline warriors and supportive ppl. You rock!
Trust Him to get us out of this mess.

May Mahadev bless us all!

Shivoham! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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