Why England is the Greatest Nation on Earth

1. Converted half of Europe to Christianity
2. Developed the rule of law and laid the basis for representative democracy
3. Founded the USA (that went very well for a while)
4. Ruled the greatest Empire in history
5. Started the Industrial Revolution
6. Invented half the stuff in the world
7. Invented most sports played in the world
8. Gave the world its first global language
9. Saw off countless attempts at continental hegemony, from Louis XIV to the Little Corporal
10. Won two world wars
11. Has one of the three world's great literatures
12. Has invaded most countries in the world
13. Saw off Communism (with others)
14. Amazing record in wars, both home & away
15. Had the greatest Navy in history
16. In 2016 freed itself from tyranny
17. Has the most beautiful countryside
18. Gave the world the best-ever men's hats.

The foundation of a lot of this? The Anglo-Saxons. What great men they were.
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