11 Crucial Relationship Questions

Married? Or in a serious Relationship?

Experiencing difficulties?

Stay or Leave?

11 Keys to help you decide.

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11 years ago my relationship was at a crossroads.

Neither of us were happy.

With a young child & a dire financial situation, I had to be make a decision.

These 11 questions or “Filters” were my guide.

I hope they help you too:
1. If God or the Universe said it’s OK to leave, would it be a relief?

Religion the only reason you’re still together?

If it is, your relationship is already dead.

Stop the self torture,

Stop the hypocrisy.

2. Are your relationship needs easily met?

It shouldn’t be a constant uphill struggle.

If you need to make a big effort, it’s not worth it.

3. With your hand on your heart, do you genuinely like your partner?

Does your partner genuinely like you?

If the answer to either is no or to both,

1 or 2 RED FLAGS

The two of you weren’t meant to be.

4. Do you feel a unique sexual attraction to your partner?

Yes? No?

No spark, no stay.

5. Does your partner’s behaviour complicate the relationship?

Are they unwilling / incapable of change?

If your partner exhibits intolerable behaviour, you must leave.

Tolerating the intolerable erodes self esteem.

Not good.

6. Do you see your reflection in your partner’s eyes?

if you don’t feel mutual compatibility, you’re better suited to someone else.

7. Do you both respect each other as individuals?

No mutual respect = no stay.

8. Is your partner an important resource that you care about?

If your partner does little to make your life better & you wouldn’t lose anything important, then leave.
9. Does your relationship demonstrate the capacity for forgiveness?

No forgiveness will lead to resentment & in time, to NO LOVE.

10. Do you both still have fun together?

No fun = Dead Relationship.

11. Do you both have mutual goals & dreams for a future together?

You don’t plan to spend your future together?

Then there are red flags everywhere.

Fly away.
If you identify with 5 questions or more, you know what you have to do.

If it’s one or two, there is hope.

But it’s dressed in work clothes.

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