Since last week, many people/organisations have put together tonnes of resources. Trying to compile them here.

If you are looking for leads, try these first:

(Please add to this list.)
(Please share.)
Add any resources I've missed out below please :)
I'm missing a lot of city/state-specific resources, so please add if you know them <3
Big cheers to the tireless efforts of the volunteers/concerned citizens and organisations who've worked in putting these together. Bless them all <3
I'll keep adding more resources but please note:

1. I'm compiling resources (crowdsourced as well as publicly available) here, but I have not personally verified the numbers here.
2. The contact numbers here are for your verification.
3. Due diligence is strongly advised.
Http://  Resource pool for NRIs who'd like to help. Detailed breakdown on how you can help.
More organisations for donation:
Instagram pages helping out with resources:
⚠️Disclaimer: For all the leads that I'm sharing, although I am trying my best to verify them personally or through trusted sources, I request patients and their families to use their own discretion before availing any such services, especially if they include advance payments.⚠️
For Noida residents:
Twitter India has come up with a resource tool as well:
Another detailed donation resource:
Contact details for the new 550-bed COVID hospital in Delhi.
Hemkunt Foundation is trying to provide unlimited oxygen to COVID patients for free. Please consider donating ❤️ @Hemkunt_Fdn
If you use @CRED_club, you can donate your points to help healthcare organisations across the country. In association with @milaapdotorg.
. @FeedingIndia @zomato in association with @delhivery is importing oxygen and needs your help:
You can follow @tanejamainhoon.
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