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U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Peter Vivian Daniel; U.S. Secretary of Defense Louis A.
Johnson; Badfinger featuring Pete Ham, Blondie featuring Nigel Harrison, Creedence Clearwater Revival featuring Doug “Cosmo” Clifford, “Diamond Dogs” by David Bowie, and the Electric Prunes featuring Preston Ritter:
- 858 Wednesday: Nicholas I succeeds the 104th Pope Benedict III to become the 105th Roman Catholic Pope.
- 1061 Wednesday: An English monk predicts that England will suffer destruction thanks to the passage of Haley’s Comet by the Earth.
- 1519 Thursday: Envoys of Montezuma II attended the first Easter Mass in Central America—at the behest of Spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortes.
- 1704 Thursday: The first regular newspaper in Colonial America, The Boston News-Letter hits publication.
- 1762 Saturday: Russia and Prussia sign a treaty of peace.
- 1784 Saturday: The future 28th associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court- Peter Vivian Daniel- was born in Stafford County, Virginia, on this date.
A Democrat, he was appointed to the nation’s high court by President Martin Van Buren to fill the seat vacated by 25th Associate Justice Philip Pendleton Barbour.  Daniel served on the Supreme Court from 01-10-1842 to 05-31-1860 when he died.
- 1792 Tuesday: Captain Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle composed the national anthem of France, “La Marseillaise,” on this date.
- 1800 Thursday: Congress approved a bill establishing the Library of Congress and President John Adams signed it into being, which appropriates $5,000 to purchase “such books as may be necessary for use of Congress.”
- 1805 Wednesday: In Tripoli, North Africa, United States Marines attacked and captured the town of Derna.
- 1833 Wednesday: The creator of the soda fountain received a patent for the device.
- 1867 Wednesday: Black demonstrators stage ride-ins on Richmond, Virginia, streetcars.
- 1877 Tuesday: In defense of Romania, Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire.  Meanwhile, the last Federal occupation troops withdraw from the South, departing through New Orleans, Louisiana, for home.
This would open the door to horrendous actions by Southern Democrats and their allies, the Ku Klux Klan.
Every Black American needs to recall who the REAL villains in their mistreatment were and have been: the two groups above are responsible for their persecution and for Jim Crow/Segregation laws.
- 1884 Thursday: In Atlanta, Georgia, the Black National Physicians Organization organizes.
- 1889 Wednesday: Thomas Edison and his business advisors organized the Edison General Electric Company.
- 1897 Saturday: William Price became the first reporter at the White House.
- 1898 Sunday: Spain declared war on the United States; the U.S. responded in kind the following day.
- 1913 Thursday: The 792-foot Woolworth Building, at that time the tallest skyscraper in the world, officially opened in Manhattan as President Woodrow Wilson pressed a button at the White House to signal the lighting of the structure.
- 1915 Saturday: What’s regarded as the start of the Armenian Genocide began as the Ottoman Empire rounded up Armenian political and cultural leaders in Constantinople.
Although persecutions against Christians had been ongoing since Turkey joined the Central Powers- German Empire, Austro-Hungary, and Bulgaria- they were going to step up the pressure, fearful that they would have enemies in their rear areas.
Elsewhere, on the Western Front, the Second Battle of Ypres continues as Germans continue making gains.  On the Eastern Front, the Austro-Hungarians are making headway in the western Ukraine against the Russian bear.
- 1916 Monday: Some 1,600 Irish nationalists launched the Easter Uprising by seizing several key sites in Dublin; however, the British crushed it almost a week later.
The Irish felt that with the British occupiers suffering heavy losses in World War I, this might be a grand opportunity to drive them out of the Emerald Isle.
- 1917 Tuesday: Fighting continues to rage in the French countryside as British, French, and German forces throw all they have at one another.  Elsewhere, the Ukraine demands independence from Czarist Russia.
- 1918 Wednesday: Heavy fighting continues in the Somme as the Germans continue their all-out offensive to drive the Allies out of the war.  Starvation and lack of medicine is plaguing both sides in this titanic struggle, one that has another 4-5 months to go.
Meanwhile, the British and Turks announce a decision for a prisoner exchange.
- 1940 Wednesday: German forces in Norway continue solidifying their positions as reinforcements arrive with which to counter the Brits who are trying to keep Norway free and independent.
However, preparations for the invasion of France continue as Germans continue building their troop strength up, much of it in the heavily wooded Ardennes Forest.
- 1941 Thursday: Resistance in Greece is dying as the Germans and their allied Axis troops continue pushing Greek and British defenders back to the southern portion of the country.  In Yugoslavia, resistance is also sputtering to an end.
Elsewhere, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt orders military leaders to keep track of all German Kriegsmarine movements so the information can be forwarded to the British government, on the sly of course, as the U.S. is not yet in the war.
- 1942 Friday: The Luftwaffe steps up its attacks against British heritage sites as heavy bombers target sites up and down the eastern coast of Great Britain.  The British are determined to withstand the assault while the Germans are doing their best to bomb them into submission.
- 1943 Saturday: The Germans are startled as they begin to clear the Warsaw Ghetto of its Jews.  The Jews have guns, are firing back, killing German soldiers, and destroying German vehicles.  In response, the Germans begin setting buildings on fire.
However, the defenders in these buildings either fight to the death or retreat through pre-cut holes in walls or into the sewers to fight another day.
- 1944 Monday: The first B-29 arrived in Nationalist China, flying ‘over the hump’ of the Himalayas.
Elsewhere, now that Italy is on the Allied side, their warplanes are flying sorties against their former German allies in the Aegean Sea attacking garrisons holding islands and ports.   The Germans respond with violence against Italian prisoners.
- 1945 Tuesday: Doug “Cosmo” Clifford, future drummer of both Creedence Clearwater Revival[i] and Creedence Clearwater Revisited, was born in Palo Alto, California, on this date in history.
Meanwhile in World War II, the Soviets continue their pincer movement around Berlin as one army begins fighting into the suburbs from the South while from the east, another is pummeling its way into the city from that direction.
Germans are still able to enter and exit the city at this time as the Soviets have not yet sealed the city off on all sides.  Hitler has a chance to fly out but won’t take it- or so we believe.
- 1949 Sunday: Future drummer of the psychedelic rock band, the Electric Prunes- Preston Ritter- is born on this date.[ii]
- 1951 Tuesday: Nigel Harrison—future bassist with the New York rock band, Blondie[iii] (1978-82 / 1997)—is born in Stockport, Cheshire, England, on this date.
- 1952 Thursday: Raymond Burr made his TV acting debut on the Gruen Guild Playhouse in an episode titled, “The Tiger.”
- 1953 Friday: British statesman Winston Churchill was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.
- 1954 Saturday: After the heavy fighting on and around Huguette 6 last night and early this morning, French commanders in Dien Bien Phu understand that they no longer have the manpower on hand to launch major counterattacks against their communist opponents.
Losses last night were fierce with the loss of several units whose survivors were cobbled together into a new unit.
According to author Martin Windrow, morale was once again flagging on both sides as French defenders had been going with little sleep, few hot meals, and hardly any baths now for 45 days while the communists were scraping up reserves from across the countryside and trying to…
…reinvigorate them for the third phase of the battle.  Casualties were horrendous for both sides.
- 1961 Monday: Sandy Koufax of the Los Angeles Dodgers struck out 18 batters, becoming the first major-league pitcher to do so on two separate occasions.  Elsewhere, President John F.
Kennedy accepted ‘sole responsibility’ for the disaster HE set in motion at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba.  He committed Cuban exiles to action to overthrow Fidel Castro and then in their hour of need, he abandoned them to death or to long prison terms in Cuban prisons.
- 1962 Tuesday: The Massachusetts Institute of Technology achieved the first satellite relay of a television signal, using NASA’s Echo 1 balloon satellite to bounce a video image from Camp Parks, California, to Westford, Massachusetts.
- 1963 Wednesday: In the 17th NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics beat the Los Angeles Lakers, 4 games to 2.
- 1965 Saturday: New York Mets manager Casey Stengel wins his 3,000th game as the team’s manager.
- 1966 Sunday: The 2nd U.S. Secretary of Defense Louis A. Johnson died in Washington, D.C. at age 75.  A Democrat, he served under President Harry S. Truman from 03-28-1949 to 09-19-1950.
- 1967 Monday: Soviet astronaut Vladimir Komarov died when his craft crashed with a tangled parachute.  Meanwhile, the newest Greek regime banned the wearing of miniskirts.
- 1968 Wednesday: Leftwing student groups take over Columbia University in New York in protest of the war in Vietnam.
- 1970 Friday: China launches its first satellite Dong Fang Honk I which continually transmitted a song, “The East is Red.”  Flipping communist SOBS[iv].
- 1973 Tuesday: Albert Sabin reported that herpes viruses were factors in nine kinds of cancer.
- 1974 Wednesday: The NFL grants a franchise team to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Meanwhile, David Bowie[v] released “Diamond Dogs.”
- 1975 Thursday: In Weybridge, Surrey, England, Peter Ham—guitarist/vocalist with the British rock band, Badfinger[vi]—committed suicide on this date by hanging himself from the rafters of his garage; he was just 27-years-old.
- 1980 Thursday: To rescue the American hostages being held in Tehran, Iran, the operation fails as the helicopters either crash or stall due to an unforeseen sandstorm.
Eight American special operations soldiers die as a result, this singular event seals the fate of President Jimmy Carter in the November elections.
- 1982 Saturday: In West Germany, 150 followers of the Ayatollah Khomeini assault the student dormitory at a college campus.
- 1990 Tuesday: East and West Germany agree to merge currencies and economies as of July 01, 1990, on the road to German Reunification.  Elsewhere, the space shuttle Discovery lifts off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying the $1.5 billion Hubble Space Telescope into orbit.
- 1992 Friday: In Switzerland, rocker David Bowie[vii] marries fashion model, Imam.
- 1995 Monday: A package bomb linked to the Unabomber explodes, killing Gilbert B. Murray.
- 2003 Thursday: Former Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz surrenders to U.S. forces in Iraq.
- 2004 Saturday: The United States lifts economic sanctions imposed on Libya 18 years previously for its cooperation in eliminating weapons of mass destruction.
Meanwhile, the insurgency in Iraq is gathering steam as attacks on oil tankers in Basra occur as do suicide bombings around Sadr City that kill Iraqi government forces.  The bloom is quickly off the rose.  The U.S.
should never have launched the invasion the previous year and yet, they did.  George W. Bush broke it; he now owns it.
- 2005 Sunday: Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger undergoes inauguration as the 265th pope of the Roman Catholic Church, taking the papal name of Benedict XVI.   Meanwhile, in Kuwait, 7,000 angry Bengali workers storm the Bangladeshi embassy demanding redress for unpaid wages.
Elsewhere, Saudi Arabia arrest 40 Pakistani Christians brazenly practicing their faith in Riyadh.  NOT good, folks, not good…for them.
- 2006 Monday: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lifts a 27-year-old ban on women attending public sporting events.  Wow.  Modernization on the way?  Nope.
- 2007 Tuesday: Hamas decides to do what it does best today: terrorism.  They launch a barrage of missiles, rockets, and mortar shells into neighboring Israel.  Scumbags.  Use neutron bombs on this human garbage to cleanse the region of their pestilence.
Elsewhere, Kevin Tillman, brother of NFL star and slain soldier in the Afghan War Pat Tillman, testifies before Congress accusing the Bush administration of manipulating his ‘friendly fire’ death into something with which to increase recruitment and support for the ongoing…
…regime change wars.
- 2008 Thursday: Following the recent destruction of a nuclear facility in Syria by the Israelis, the United States reports that North Korean technicians helped the Syrians build the reactor.  Good thing the Israelis blew it up.
Meanwhile, following Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s BIG WIN in Pennsylvania this past Tuesday, she has raked in $10 million in donations.
Both she and her opponent, Senator Barack Hussein Obama, D-IL, are focusing their attentions on Indiana, the next big state in the primary battles.
Elsewhere, the United Nations is crying that the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip is preventing them from getting aid to the Palestinians.
- 2009 Friday: Not to be outdone by terrorists in Iraq yesterday, slavering jihadis carry out yet another suicide bombing in Baghdad, killing at least 80 people and wounding or crippling another 125.
Time to start lighting up the terrorists, we say, “Use neutron bombs, send these scumbags straight to hell.”  Elsewhere, North Korea plans to try two Current TV journalists they claim were on the soil but evidence shows they were on the Chinese side of the Yalu River and were…
…kidnapped by the North Koreans.  WTF?
- 2010 Saturday: Pakistani Taliban are launching attacks all over the place but especially against NATO supply lines.  The jihadist thugs torch six NATO fuel tankers and also blow up at least 30 people in a suicide attack on a prison van carrying thugs to prison.
- 2011 Sunday: Pope Benedict XVI performs Easter Mass at St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City; he calls for dialogue and diplomacy to end Libya's unrest.
Elsewhere, a group of Jewish worshippers decided to visit a holy site in the Palestinian-controlled city without coordinating their visit with Israeli Defense Forces as required by law.
They went and prayed without event; then, when returning home, they mixed it up with Palestinian law enforcement who lit them up and killed at least one of the worshippers and injured several others.  Obey the law.
- 2012 Tuesday: The Obama-controlled Pentagon is creating a new intelligence service, the Defense Clandestine Service that will (supposedly) investigate threats to U.S. national interests coming from nations such as North Korea, the Chi-Coms, and Iran.  Good.  Just what we need.
Another flipping spy agency in the hands of Barack Hussein Obama.  Meanwhile, Al-Jazeera reports that the case against imprisoned Pfc. Bradley Manning must be thrown out due to prosecutorial misconduct.
- 2013 Wednesday: Americans learn the FBI and CIA had previous intelligence from Russia warning U.S. intelligence agencies about Tamerlane Tsarnaev's extremist connections before the Boston Marathon bombings.
Meanwhile, in Manchester, Illinois, a mass shooting occurs leaving five dead and another one or two injured.  As police track down the shooter and engage, the gunman is killed.
- 2014 Thursday:  The Federal Communications Commission moves away from the idea of net neutrality, in which all Internet users can equally access and view content; the agency instead proposes to allow large companies to pay Internet service providers for access to faster…
…streaming “lanes.”  Meanwhile, it sounds like President Barack Hussein Obama, aka the Bamster, listened to us yesterday.  He is blasting Russian dictator Vladimir Putin for waging a war of aggression in the Ukraine and is threatening additional sanctions on Moscow.
- 2015 Friday: As the civil war continues raging in Yemen, UNICEF reports that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of children have been slain, wounded, or maimed for life in the savage fighting there.
Iran is meddling in this war, stirring up trouble for the Saudis and the rest of the Sunni world.  They believe that if they can bring Shias to power in Yemen, they will have the Kingdom nearly surrounded.
- 2016 Sunday: With the U.S. silent about the upcoming joint military exercises with South Korea, North Korea moves up 300 ballistic missile launchers near the demilitarized zone on the chance they may have to go to war with both the U.S. and their southern neighbors.
Speaking of President Obama, he says the U.S. won’t be deploying ground troops to Syria and sadly, he believes the last nine months of his time in office will not see ISIS defeated.  (Note- because YOU never tried, Bamster).
- 2017 Monday: Arkansas puts their thumb in the eyes of the leftists as it becomes the first state to execute NOT one murderer but two on the same day, something that has not occurred since 2000.  Convicted murderers Jack Jones Jr.
and Marcel Williams meet their Maker via lethal injection.
- 2018 Tuesday: President Donald J. Trump hosts his first state dinner for visiting French President Emanuel Macron.  Elsewhere, according to IFPI, streaming music service sales overtake that of CDs, LPs, and tapes.
Such a shame but young people are extremely unintelligent when it comes to sound quality.  Elsewhere, Thailand raises its hand and suggests that it would like to hold the upcoming summit between the United States and North Korea.
- 2019 Wednesday: “Brave Leader” Kim Jong Un arrives in Vladivostok, Russia, aboard his armored private train for his first meetings with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.  The talks will begin tomorrow.
Speaking of the ‘Brave Leader,’ four of his foreign ministry officials underwent execution over his failed second summit with President Donald J. Trump in Hanoi, Vietnam, back in February.
Accused of handing over sensitive information to the Americans, these unlucky four were lucky enough that all they faced was the firing squad and not some bizarre other form of execution dreamed up by Chairman Kim Jong Un.
- 2020 Friday: As of 22:00 hours, the current number of confirmed COVID-19 cases around the world stands at 2,790,986; the current number of confirmed deaths worldwide sits at 195,920 but the confirmed recoveries sit at 781,382.
Sadly- thank you, communist China- the United States rapidly is approaching one million confirmed cases as this evening, we find 924,510 Wuhan Virus cases in the U.S.  Currently, we have 52,296 confirmed fatalities but 100,795 confirmed recoveries.
As for our People’s Republic of China ‘amigos,’ these scumbags claim (same every day) 88,423 confirmed cases with the same number of dead- 4,632 and 81,785 confirmed recoveries.  Everyone understands communists always lie and so they are.  As for the U.S.
Stock Market, the DOW Jones Industrial Average closes at 23,775.27, up 260.01 (1.11%); the NASDAQ closes 8,634.52, UP 139.77 (1.65%), and the S & P 500 ends at 2,836.74, UP 38.94 (1.39%).  The U.S.
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