hi everyone, today is april 24 and, along with stay safe out there!!, i'd like to tweet about how it is armenian genocide remembrance day (rts appreciated)
// genocide , death
if you didn't know, armenia is a small country located just next to turkey in asia with a rich history and culture. my parents are immigrants from armenia and if you've seen my face, i dont blame you if you couldnt tell that i'm a first generation american born armenian
armenian genocide remembrance day is exactly what the name suggests. on this day, we remember and commemorate the 1.5 million lives that were lost during the armenian genocide in 1915, now 106 years later.
the genocide itself is described as an "ethnic cleansing" of the people, enforced by the ottoman empire and its allies during world war 1. around one million of us were killed and about 2/3 of land was stolen. it was widely considered the greatest atrocity in history before ww2.
as of 2021, 30 countries, including the US, have recognized the events as genocide; turkey, however, "denies that the deportation of armenians was a genocide or wrongful act". you can probably see how this doesnt sit right with me.
as an armenian woman, it's important to me that more people learn about the country's culture + history. i hardly ever see anything regarding its issues on the news, and i havent met a single person who didnt raise an eyebrow when i tell them im armenian. we need more awareness
disclaimer - i am not entirely educated on this or international matters in general; growing up it was watered down by simply saying "turkey are the bad guys", but i am learning, so if anyone has anything to add, pls feel free. ty for taking the time to read this thread <3
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