Such blatant targeting of Union of India. No questions on actions infuriated by States to control crisis Ironically they are the custodians of HEALTH subject.!
What has State of Maharashtra done? They knew about the 2nd and 3rd wave. No questions on actions of State with 60-70k cases per day. @samjawed65 you don’t question them. How many oxygen plants has the state built?
CM Maharashtra knew about Covid 2 and 3rd wave in Nov 2020. Why did he dismantle the Jumbo Covid Center in December 2020? Let us Assume Modi or Union is fool and irresponsible then what about Responsible CM.
If you aren’t going to question acts of respective authorities you are diverting from the issue. May it be CM or MH or GJ or UP. They should be accountable first then comes PM. If not the just remove these CMs and then criticise PM or Union of India.
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