Today, the Times (where Michael Gove writes) wants us to believe that when Dominic Cummings was in No 10, he warned the PM that using £58k from Tory Donors to do up his flat was

"unethical, foolish & possibly illegal"

Cummings. Ethics?

Pull the other one.. it's got bells on 🤦‍♂️
What is actually happening is that the pressure of #ToryCorruption stories are damaging the Conservative Party & the plan is to switch Boris Johnson & Michael Gove.

They're trying to bury the story of Jennifer Arcuri, Steve Bannon, Matthew Elliott & the Nationalist 0% Tax agenda
But we don't need to campaign against them. We can campaign FOR them👇

The TaxPayers alliance wants 0% Tax. Everyone pays for their own health, police, fire, refuse, school and roads

If you don't have enough money, you die. If you are disabled, society won't help.

So let's tell people the REAL policies.

How rich is the electorate? Would they like 999 calls to be disbanded?

How about no state pensions?

No welfare. No sick pay

No free education

The truth is 99% of people would vote AGAINST #ToryBritain if they understood 100% capitalism
The 1% ruling elite rule the @Conservatives Party

They make every policy to pay less tax, make you work longer, have less rights, & increase their profits

That means less for you

Less for your family

Unless you have £100M and no ethics, you don't want to vote #ToryCorruption
What works is a fair tax system.

Where the rich people pay more.

Because rich people make money from poorer people. That's where money comes from.

If they keep taking it and not paying tax, eventually.. there is none left for any of us

We need ethics & to protect the weak 💪
If I see a child being bullied, I help. If I see a woman being attacked or someone being racist or someone in a wheelchair suffering discrimination.. I help

So do you

So why would you vote not to?

Why would you vote AGAINST a society where we help?

Because you want a Ferrari?
Is that who you really are?

A xenophobe? A racist? A bully?

The @Conservatives are a party of people who bully, trick, lie and hurt people to get more money

And when they hurt you, they call your pain "Lefty Tears"

They are just tears. Our tears and and blood are all the same
You are human. 99% of people care.

In 2018 the UK gave £10.1Bn to charity.

That's over £153 a year for every single human in the UK.


Because humans naturally care.

And to not care.. just to get a unnatural

We should not have to struggle. There is enough ❤️
What we need is more love. We need more compassion. We need a world that is safe.

When the @Conservatives sneer and belittle you, let people see who they are.

You are not to blame for believing in society.. for thinking that we cannot trust greedy people to control our world 🤷
They are privatising the NHS to make money in private healthcare.

They are reducing public services to make money in private services.

They are lying to you about their true agenda.

Everything they say is #ToryLies

Northern Ireland. Brexit. NHS. Freedom of Movement. Economy.
And it's all because of Steve Bannon's vision.

He said: "Dominic Cummings is a brilliant guy".. "Tommy Robinson is the backbone of the Britain" and that people should "wear 'Racist' as a badge of honour"

Which Tory sits in No 10 doesn't make a difference
Steve Bannon was Trump's Special Advisor until he went into the background

Dominic Cummings was Johnson's Special Advisor until he went into the background

Pay attention. The game has never changed

While you're watching one hand.. the other is burning the #NHS

Follow Bannon👈
"Goldman Sachs reports having 987 subsidiaries in offshore tax havens, 537 of which are in the Cayman Islands despite not operating a single legitimate office there. The group holds $28.6 billion offshore"

Steve Bannon worked for Goldman Sachs

#Brexit freed the Caymans from #EU
"Crédit Lyonnais was one of the many banks to hold unpublished accounts in Clearstream, a Luxembourg-based transaction clearing company (accused of being a huge international money-laundering machine)"

Nigel Farage worked for Crédit Lyonnais

#Brexit helps money launders 👈 🤔
This is the Story

Rich people screwing over poorer people

Bannon, Cummings and Farage are the propaganda machines there to make poor people actually vote FOR things that harm them & pretend to be anti-establishment

Things billionaire bankers want

That's always been the story.
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