I'm making a thread of all plasma donors I can find along with their websites/contacts. This means plasma sites and/or blood banks. Retweet, Quote Tweet and amplify.

I promised to take a break, but I can't see people die. Resource courtesy of @theuncutteam
1. Profile Hospital, Ludhiana; ALL Blood Groups available, 308 units. Contact: 0161-5060999

2. Ivy Hospital, Chandigarh; CAN ARRANGE plasma. Contact: 7170000
**DELHI/NCR (2/2)** Verified and working resources:
7. https://pintnetwork.com/home 
8. https://www.friends2support.org/ 
9. http://nbtc.naco.gov.in/bloodBank/findblood

Some of these resources can/may work PAN INDIA as well, such as the LAST one. PLEASE ALSO CHECK THE SECOND TWEET FOR PAN INDIA PLASMA RESOURCES.
**DELHI/NCR BLOOD BANKS** Verified and Working resources:
1. White Cross Blood Bank; Contact info: 011-26831063, 011-26844140

2. Badra Hospital and Medical Research Centre; Contact info: 011-29958747, 011-29957487
**WEST BENGAL** No verified and working leads. Some plasma banks picked up, but either refused to provide info or there were problems related to the blood bank extensions.

Please try the PAN INDIA Resources mentioned in the second tweet of this thread for West Bengal.
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