If you ship real life people, that's fine. Go ahead and have fun with that. I see it too. But the fact that they themselves have never confirmed your suspicions means that it is definitely NOT your place or any other fan's place to try and out them. +
Even if it seems absolutely certain and all the evidence is undeniable, we still don't get to decide that they should come out of the closet. +
It absolutely will NOT help anyone in the queer community if we try to insist a particular individual admit their own queerness when they're not ready to. Moreover, no matter how much evidence there seems to be, it's not our place to assume someone is queer at all. +
If they choose to ever tell us more about who they are -whatever information that might include- that's completely up to them, just as the same courtesy is hopefully extended to everyone, queer or not.

End of thread.
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