It is worth knowing the Reasons for getting infected even after taking two doses of Corona vaccine.
A second dose is to be taken 4 to 6 weeks (Covaxin) and 6 to 8 weeks (Covishield) after the first dose of a Corona vaccine.

Immediately after entering the body, the vaccine starts making antibodies. When antibodies are forming in our body, our IMMUNITY decreases, very much.
When we take another dose of vaccine after 4-6 Weeks/ 6-8 Weeks, our IMMUNITY Decreases even more at that time.

After 14 days of SECOND DOSE (4-6 Weeks/ 6-8 Weeks) antibodies are fully formed in our body, then our IMMUNITY starts increasing rapidly.
During this PERIOD,
After half a month (from SECOND Shot)- 100 to 200 times IMMUNITY power is created in our body and only after that, you are safe.

There is a need to be careful and safe from the first dose to Two/Two and a half months.....
Hence, One Must wear masks
Get out of the house only if necessary. Take a bath with hot water.

Take special care of children and the elderly.

The African strain of this time catches the whole family together.
So, Stay alert and Safe for family's sake.
If you want to defeat Corona, please do all this as much as possible. *

* I request all of you that the transition of the Second wave of Corona demands more vigilance than before *

* The hospital is not getting space in Cities, all the 🙏
identity money is not working at all! *
*Just and only myself Save, is the only solution. *

* All family members please note:
01. There are no empty stomachs
02. Do not fast
03.Stay in the Sun for a while every day.
04. Do not use AC if you can
05. Drink warm water, keep the throat wet
06. Apply mustard oil to the nostrils
07. Burn Camphor and Guggle in the house
08 Use Half spoon dry ginger in every vegetables
09. Use cinnamon
10.Drink a cup of milk with Turmeric at night
11. If possible eat one spoon of Chavanprash
12. Add Camphor and Cloves in the House for fumigation
13. Put a clove in a morning tea
14. Only More Oranges in fruits
15. Eat Amla in any form, pickle, jam, powder, etc
16. Turmeric in Milk will increase your immunity
Plzz guys share this thread with your friends and family members
Be safe
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