#Thread : Sardar Panse Wada, Saswad.

Saswad, a city that played an important role during the rise of the Maratha Empire. Many Maratha Sardars resided in and around this city. One such Sardar was Bhimrao Panse.

In the rise, as well as during the fall of Peshwai, from the battle of Panipat to the invasions of the British, several generations of Panse Family have contributed to Marathashahi. It was because of Bhimaro's dedication that the Peshwa appointed him as the Chief of artillery.
Sardar Bivrao Yashwantrao Panse was the most valiant among those chieftains. During his time, The Peshwai Tofkhana grew ten folds. He made the necessary changes and made sure that his department never fails. He also also supported Madhavrao in many battles.
Be it the battle of the Rakshas Bhuvan against the Nizam, or the battle against Haider in Srirangapatnam, the internal discord of Kolhapur, or the decisive battle of the Peshwa with Colonel Stuart.
Sardar Panse was among the few who was invited to participate in discussions with the Peshwa in their personal matters or matters of the state. Peshwa used to implement his suggestions."
When Sadashirao Bhau disappeared in the battle of Panipat, a lot of people disguised as Sadashiv Rao Bhau tried to enter the Peshwai. This is also known as Totayacha Band in Marathi. Sardar Panse played a major role in tackling the rebellion.
After defeating the British in the Battle of Vadgaon, he returned to his village 'Sonori'. But after this, his health deteriorated day by day and he became passed away on March 8, 1861.
The iconic 'Sonori Gadh' or 'MalharGadh' was built during his tenure in the village of Sonori. The death of Sardar Panse shook the entire Maratheshahi. Today, the place where he resided is known as Sardar Panse Wada.
As you cross the beautiful Diveghat, you will find a road that leads to the Sonori Village. Sonori Village is a very secluded village, away from the hustle and bustle of the urban lifestyle. As you enter the village, you will find a pathway that will lead to the Sardar Panse Wada
A humungous entrance gate leaves you fascinated! The surroundings are not that clean, but you can imagine the grandness of this place during its prime time.
As you enter the gate, you will see a very old Vishnu Temple. The Murti in this temple is very attractive. It is said, Sardar Panse resuced this murti from Islamic Forces during during his conquest to south. Right behind this temple, is the main Wada.
The condition of this Wada is not good at all. At many places, the walls of fallen. But, even today, a 65-Year-old, Mangala Ramesh Panse stays here alone maintaining this place. She has done a wonderful job in conserving the main part.
Mangala Ji, told us many stories regarding this place. The 65-year-old Mangala Panse stays alone and she tried to tell us the importance of conserving this place. The main hall of this WADA is 3 storey and there are 2 storeys underground.
There is also a secret passage from Sardar Panse Wada to MalharGadh according to what Mangala Ji told us. As you leave the main hall, you see a beautiful Ganpati Temple which is of great reverence to the people of this village. Mangala Ji and the villagers look after this temple
The walls of this Wada are falling as the days pass and it is in dire need of conservation.
As you step out of the premises of this Haveli, you see the Samadhi of Bhimrao Panse. Even this Samadhi is lying in ruins.
There was a feeling of joy as well as sorrow when we ended our trip to Sardar Panse Wada.
As I always say, these places are the living giants who are waiting for us. It is our duty to visit such places and make others aware of such places.

There are many Havelis, wadas, temples and other Historical monuments in and around the Pune city. We will see yet another beautiful monument on next Saturday ! Make sure to leave your comment once you read this thread !
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