Raw material shortage is for Covavax which Serum wanted to start mfg in April to stock up on doses b4 it is approved by June. Since capacity is same, SII would have cut Covishield production from April itself & Covavax has deal to give 1.1 bn doses to Gavi/WHO. Doesn’t hurt India
If Novavax Inc. (a US company) wants Serum to produce its Covavax, it should talk to Biden administration. If Gavi/WHO et al want Serum to produce Covavax to meet their demands, then they should contact Biden. US is solely responsible for depriving poor countries of vaccines.
As far as India is concerned, with raw material shortage for Covavax, Serum can focus only on producing Covishield for next two months for exclusively India as exports are banned. India has nothing to lose. It only benefits from US’ self-centred policy. But we should use this..
...opportunity to shame the US daily, keep blaming it for depriving vaccines to poor countries and painting it as main villain for any failure on Serum’s part to deliver on its international commitments either to Europe or WHO/Gavi.
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