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For over 10 years people in Waterloo Ontario have been demanding treaty rights be honoured. We cannot advance to #ClimateAction and #SocialJustice and #reconciliation without it. We are woke to the need to end Colonialism.
Canada is rooted to outdated racist policies that reflect abuse of dominance and anti competitive practices. We cannot advance to an equitable sustainable future with a fossil fuel dependent old boys club oligarchy blocking progress.
Canada’s laws are fundamentally sexist and abusive because colonialism used sex and abuse to control and oppress non white and non Protestant people using antiquated Act of Succession laws. Teskey vs. Canada and O’Donohue vs Canada speaks to this. https://canliiconnects.org/en/commentaries/29893
The amount of systemic sexual abuse and human trafficking in Canada is staggering. It is evident in residential schools, in rape prosecution stats and in the welfare system and jails used to traffic people from First Nations lands into Canada’s economic systems as wards.
The military has a long history of racism, sexism and child abuse. This book speaks to it and I grew up in this world. My dad served 47 years. This book is very accurate to what I survived.
Canada’s oligarchy are bleeding the tax system dry today. This isn’t sustainable. They have no inheritance tax, they evade taxes and use nepotism to stay in power. As CEOs they are paid in shares and it reduces taxes by 50%. They are destroying our economy with their greed. https://twitter.com/lulex/status/1382416796339339279
It was Harper & Nigel Wright who allowed CEOs to control shares to reduce corporate tax rates by 50%. They allowed the depletion of the tax base of schools, hospitals, roads and life supports. Look at the shares they control. We lost 50% on those revenues. http://www.canadianbusiness.com/lists-and-rankings/richest-people/canada-100-highest-paid-ceos/
Canada is regulated by the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission . Canada is primarely in the business of foreign governments. The SEC info is here. https://sec.report/CIK/0000230098 
First Nations are legal nations. The Mi’kmaw formed in 1610 as the first Roman Catholic nationhood in North America. You had to be Roman Catholic to do lawful trade with Europe so they did the Vatican Concordat of 1610. Sachem Henri Membertou was the first leader.
The Ancient Freemason King Solomon lodge 54 orchestrated the unlawful deportation of Acadians and acts of Genocide against the Mi’kmaw people because the British wanted a Protestant white North American governance system.
University of Massachusetts speaks to Jeffrey Amherst’s use of small pox here. https://www.umass.edu/legal/derrico/amherst/lord_jeff.html
Queen Elizabeth II apologized for the illegal deportation of Acadians and so did Canada’s Governor General because it violated Treaty of Utrecht, Edict of Queen Anne and Orders of King George.
Canada’s First Nations were formed trade alliances with the Habsburg lines of the Holy Roman Empire. We are blood kin to the Queen. We are not her subjects. For Acadians to swear the oath to her would negate her own claim to the throne. Our lines connected here.
Habsburg babies are all around the world. We had international trade with the global community since 10th century at least. Bound by spice trade, slavery and deportation we were always multicultural people.
You can see racial diversity in the Mi’kmaw chiefs because Nationhood does not equal race. We had no word for black people in Mi’kma’ki. We had the word L’nu which means people. That applied to everyone. It was about relationship not race.
Acadians are still the first Métis. We held the laws of both nationhoods to help Mi’kma’ki. Canada worked very hard to silence our history which is why we have tintamarre. They innovated blood quantum to try and phase us out but we still remain Indigenous.
These chiefs all visited Queen Anne who protected us with Treaty of Utrecht/Friendship agreements. Many hereditary lines had Métis marriages and it was attacked by Canada who created the idea of race to separate us. To break our alliances
Indigenous people are in all colours. We must get beyond racism and sexism on both sides of the fence.
Ontario has been gathering provincial taxes on Treaty Lands for a long time and they don’t have the international legal right to do that. They completely disregarded Treaty lands in planning and that has to stop.
My community knows we are on Treaty Land. We also know Canada is using the RCMP to violate Treaty Rights too. We marched to demand a stop to this practice.
All these taken Jan 8 2019 in Waterloo Ontario part of the Solidarity with #Wetsuweten event Waterloo Region. These are my photos.
Our Sisters in Spirit rally asked Canada to reasonably investigate Missing and Murdered Women’s cases properly. Stop the genocide against First Nations women. End the two tiered racist justice systems that still discriminates against us.
I stand in solidarity with the Haudenosaunee’s call to freeze development in the Haldimand Tract. It is right and just. We need the Province of Ontario and Canada held into account and we need this systemic racism, sexism and genocide to stop.
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