Introducing Whitepaper Poetry. A thread. ⬇️

@Microsoft invented the @Powerpoint
Giving power to your pitch and bullets to your points
Breathing beautiful graphs to your stats and conjoints...
Then @Amazon invented the 6 pager
Cuz clarity of thought and storytelling are major
Cuz pitch decks take too much paper
And presentations can be time wasters
And this trend has now changed meeting behaviors
I use both. But I still feel I lack
Something that only Spoken Word can bring back;
Something that rappers know when they rap;
Something that only poetry can unpack.
Cuz Poetry is music in language, ya see.
Historically poetry communicates His story.
Historically poetry communicates Her story.
Historically poetry communicates emotionally.
And emotions helps us remember, exceptionally.
Cuz Poetry is charged, and your words are firepower.
They have to work harder, in less space, they speak louder.
With the power of poetry, your Points get more Power.
Introducing Whitepaper Poetry
Where spoken word meets technology talks
Where hip hop meets strategy walks
Where data dances with JayZ and Robert Frost
This is where poetry meets @Microsoft.
Whose with me? Please join me
Lets make our words dance
If you want things to change
Then change things; take a stance.
Whitepaper Poetry may disturb or insight;
Whitepaper poetry should polarize and ignite;
Cuz “Agitation is the opposite of stagnation"
And whitepaper poetry isn’t just another 6 pager presentation.
So here comes a brand new flavor in your ear,
Adding Power to the Points, and making Word much more clear.

<End Thread>
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