The Democrats are blowing it on election security. The #ForThePeopleAct does not require manual audits & they have yet to reintroduce the #SAFEAct, which did require them. The #1 recommendation of election-security experts is to require automatic manual audits for most races. 1/
Democrats never seek manual recounts either. So right now, we have a situation where the GOP cherry picks which races & counties to manually recount & audit, whereas Democratic losses go unverified. This is unacceptable. 2/
We have an opportunity to pass a meaningful law requiring robust manual audits for all federal races. After the tantrum thrown by the GOP last year, they will have a hard time saying no. Why are the Democrats passing on this opportunity? Did we forget 2016? 3/
I can only keep patting the Democrats on the back for their prior efforts re: the #SAFEAct for so long. They still have an opportunity to be the party that stands for election security. But time is running out, & the midterms will be hear soon enough. 4/
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