#EnvSocSci101 Lesson #11. Social Theory ≠ Scientific Theory. Both kinds of theory offer explanations for phenomena. But social theory may also *critique* the thing it is explaining & offer aspirational *alternatives* Consider, famously, Marxist theory, which is social theory! 1/
This is why *social theory* is so critical to environmental problem-solving. It explains the problems with the existing social systems that got us into this crisis *and* offers ideas for ways out of it: alternative ways of thinking, doing, being, relating & imagining. 2/
But this is also why some of us are cautious with theory: it has the power to not only explain, but also change our world in its own image--for better, or worse. Before we know it, “theory” becomes blueprint becomes reality. So, study social theory, but *handle it with care.* 3/
Importantly, while scientific theory operates as a widely shared paradigm until overturned, *social theory* is more like a menu of conceptual lenses, each associated with a particular theorist: we draw from those in play in our discipline(s) & best suited to our case at hand. 4/
Okay, that was my best effort for a Friday eve. HOW WOULD YOU explain the difference between Social Theory vs. Scientific Theory in a tweet??! 😅

TGIF everyone. Happy weekend & happy theorizing! 5/5
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