1. The white church’s most ancient sin is not racism, it is Greed. Racism was merely the fruit of the root of Greed. Greed is what led to the justification of human trafficking, current political allegiances, & even the ongoing need to maintain power over minorities & women.
2. So many debates could be squashed or at least more honestly engaged of folks would stop trying to reason with folks intellect & rather appealed to their souls. It’s not a knowledge or information problem going on, it’s a spiritual problem. Folks are given over to greed.
3. Greed is what keeps people from acknowledging systemic racism. Acknowledgment means they have to face their wealth social privilege, Greed leads them to desire no one else share in said equity. Greed ultimately leads folks to look at all that is good and say, “MINE!!!!”
4. The sooner we recognize that the White American Church has been discipling people into mini-Gollums, the sooner we can begin doing the much harder work of leading folks to repentance & faith which cultivates self-denial and in that unity which will starve that monster, Greed.
5. Pride is fruit of Greed. It’s a desire to center self. Racism is the fruit of Pride as it is an insistence of ethnic supremacy. Misogyny is fruit of pride b/c it is the insistence of male superiority. Greed is more central to a lot of sins we often don’t consider it to be.
6. One could argue all sin is essentially fruit of Greed. Sin is result of ingratitude towards God. It was the sin behind Adam & Eve as well as Cain. It’s to look at created order that God has declared good & to say either “it isn’t enough” like Adam & Eve or “Mine” like Cain.
7. Humility is content to share b/c humility doesn’t center self but rather considers others. Greed must have it all & whatever cost. We have entire Christian denominations founded on Greed who continue to be fueled by Greed. There is no hope for them beyond genuine repentance.
8. Oh, & white people’s need to dominate every space rather than sit & learn is also abt greed. Every space must belong to them; “Mine”!

Discussions on Ethnic reconciliation & racism - “I must lead & criticize black & POC people.”

“I must lead, I must be centered”

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