I facilitated my sustainability seminar this past Tuesday. We discussed Guattari’s 3 Ecologies alongside the Brundtland report and two essays on sustainability/resilience in urban planning. Cc- @GillesDeleuze13
One of the interesting things that came out of bringing Guattari into the discussion is that the state’s mediation of conflicts between environment and labor is a manifestation of an Oedipal dynamic.
Because the Brundtland report is credited with mainstreaming the term “sustainability” and initiating state investments into sustainability science research and education, unpacking the language of this text is critical to understanding the intellectual legacy of the field.
The Brundtland report, through its use of language, reproduces the conflict between environment and society, positioning global powers as the arbiter.
Because Oedipal dynamics are repressive rather than ecological, bringing the 3 ecologies into conversation with the Brundtland report exposes an internal contradiction in the intellectual legacy of (urban) sustainability theory.
May delete this thread later, but the conversation concluded with exploration of values beyond those that can be integrated into world capitalism.
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