I wanted to make a quick, messy, and embarrassing thread about why Tsukki's backstory resonated so heavily for me. I understand why people think his backstory is kinda silly, basically getting depressed and giving up just 'cause he saw his brother benched -
I just want people to get another perspective I guess? It's not that deep but Tsukki means a lot to me, especially because of his backstory so I'll elaborate (I don't make threads about stuff that are personal to me 'cause I'm shy so be kind. T_T)
When I was a kid, I looked up to my parents immensely (who doesn't when you're a naive little kid), especially my dad. I thought they were infallible as most children do. Without getting in to the nitty gritty of it, as a little kid I had to watch my untouchable dad Fail.
It was a big failure and it cost him time and lot's of money and it struck me so hard even to this day. Did we die? No. Was anyone hurt? Physically no. It really wasn't the end all be all. He even bounced back rather quickly considering. But to me, it really felt like-
everything had crumbled. It made me not want to try. I'm scared of seeing people I love fail and in turn has made me terrified to try because I'd rather be let down a little then put in my all and be devstated. It really shook how I thought of myself.
When you're a kid, it hurts you a lot to see people you look up to and think the world of crash and burn. Tsukishima wasn't devastated because his brother told small lies to something so inconsequential. He was hurt by seeing his brother, who put his all in to something fail.
It's an abrupt and mean lesson you learn. Where as you can ease your way to understand you can bounce back from failure, having it all thrown in your face so harshly warps your perspective on putting your all in to things and just makes you scared.
Tsukki was brought to a harsh reality that even when you try your hardest and put your all in to something, you can still fail and it will hurt. And reiterating it, seeing that harsh lesson so abruptly as a Child really fucks you up, haha.
More personally, I found Tsukki's growth through the story incredibly cathartic because I still struggle with this a lot. Seeing him realize it's ok to try and get hurt and that you can bounce back made me wish I could be the same way. I'm still figuring it out.
I get why people don't really get his story and it seems silly on the surface, that's totally fine; there are stories that touch people that I don't get either. I just wanted to talk about it from my own perspective. Thank you for reading if you did I guess, this is embarrassing.
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