#FollowTheMoney Industry Trends. This is the type of language used to describe the mining of profit from the bodies of young (& older) with a bodily dissociative disorder. Not a medical condition we are told. Yet we are using drastic medical interventions. 25% “market” growth 👇
Massive growth in those who aspire to transition from Female to Male. Now FTM have overtaken the MTF when females taking this path used to be a tiny minority. Anyone on power curious about why this happened? Anyone?
FTM was with $131.4 million in 2019. Again check the language “gender affirming surgery” & “fostering market growth”. This is how these sociopaths are taking about our confused kids who have been indoctrinated to believe in #BornInTheWrongBody
This is pure advertising speak. You cannot change male genitals into female genitals or vice versa. This is the ultimate in body commodification which reduces humans to a flesh market and experimental bodies for surgeons with a god complex. (Harsh but this is how it appears)
The push to get legal changes in Europe will “augment” market growth. We should all now be asking the question if this is just market led change dresses up in the clothes of “Social Justice”. ? We should ask the question.
In Europe it is Germany that has the market lead. Though, as you can see above, Serbia has quite a prominent position in the “market”
The Government Equalities Office (in the U.K) is quoted at predicting a massive increase in “transgenders” (a dehumanising way of reporting this section of society BTW). Is it any wonder whe the GEO are funding the inculcation of Gender Identity Ideology in Primary schools?
So what will put the brakes on this ? In a footnote there is a tiny mention of the danger of regret. We have never done this before to this demographic. I think we are going to see a Tsunami of regret and politicians & medical professionals will be exposed for their role.
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