Today’s recommendation from NACI on offering the AstraZeneca vaccine to those age 30 and older is welcome news in Alberta.

We need vaccines to be utilized as widely and safely as possible to protect Albertans from #COVID19AB. 1/5
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We’ve seen a remarkable uptake from those wanting AstraZeneca. Alberta has administered more than 48,000 doses in the last three days alone.

Unfortunately, our ability to expand eligibility to younger Albertans depends on the doses we receive from the federal government. 2/5
With approximately 112,000 doses remaining at pharmacies and AHS sites, and over 100,000 appointments booked in the next 14 days, and no future shipments confirmed, we will continue administering doses to those 40 and older at this time. 3/5
It’s disappointing that we have not received confirmation of any future shipments of AstraZeneca arriving in Alberta.

We continue to call on the federal government to do whatever it takes to increase vaccine supply in the coming weeks. 4/5
We continue to prioritize protecting those who are most vulnerable to severe outcomes, and we'll keep rolling out vaccines as quickly as possible.

The more doses we receive, the faster we can vaccinate Albertans so we can put the pandemic behind us. 5/5
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