Falcon. Black Panther. A potential new Superman. A wave of heroes, reimagined by Black creators, is conquering screens and comic book pages.

Here's a look at how this new generation is turning Blackness into a superpower. https://nyti.ms/32OJTfn 
The success of the first season of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" — the finale premiered today — "can be seen as part of a wave of Black superheroes that have conquered our screens and comic book pages in recent years," writes @vvchambers. https://nyti.ms/32OJTfn 
There are also now renewed rumors of a Black Superman movie. It's something that fans have seen in the pages of comic books — Barack Obama was the inspiration for Calvin Ellis, one of the versions of Black Superman — but would be a first on the big screen. https://nyti.ms/32Hxw4T 
As part of our look at Black superheroes, we asked Eve L. Ewing, author of the Marvel series Ironheart, and Evan Narcisse, the author of “Rise of the Black Panther," to share perspectives on the politics of being a Black comic-book writer. https://nyti.ms/3xlWG75 
This project is part of a series exploring pivotal moments and transformative figures in Black culture. See more here. https://nyti.ms/3aAHUjg 
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