On a call now with Energy Minister Sonya Savage. The province is halting the exploration for coal for all Category 2 lands, as the committee consults on new coal policy. #ableg
The ban on this will be from now until - at a minimum - after all consultations are complete, Savage says. They want to public engagement process to be engaged "in good faith," she says. More than 25,000 Albertans filled out that coal survey in just three weeks. #ableg
Albertans did not shy away from this survey, Savage says. She says nobody will be restricted from sharing their thoughts during the coal engagement, including on water and environment #ableg
Committee chair Ron Wallace asks all Albertans to please continue to work with the committee and give their thoughts on the coal policy. Says there is "an overwhelming interest" on this issues, adds he appreciates the passion. #ableg
Wallace says the coal committee intends to expand its consultations, including with Indigenous communities. #ableg
As for the coal survey, initial results indicate the majority of respondents feel the management of the
province’s coal resources affect them, and picked environmental impacts and if/where coal development takes place as the most important issues #ableg
Calling for a halt to exploration on Category 2 lands will ensure the consultations are effective and credible, Wallace says #ableg
I asked how they make these consultations more credible. Wallace says there has been "sensational soundbites" about the terms of reference for the coal committee, but "Albertans deserve better." They will hear ALL concerns, he says #ableg
Savage adds that there is absolutely no pre-ordained outcome here with the coal consultations, and the committee is "fiercely independent" #ableg
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