It wasn't an explosion -- it was a test of a solid rocket motor. A thread. (1/12)
Here is the video that caused all the fuss. There is no explosion, just an intense fire that seems to go out by itself. (2/12)
Compare what you see in that video with images of a test of a large solid propellant rocket motor in the US, especially at the 3:11 mark. (3/12)
But wait, there's more! Israel tests large solid rocket motors at a place called Sdot Micha. I created a (very minor!) international incident when I asked @planetlabs to image this very same place. đź‘‹ (4/12)
At the time, people wondered why we were imaging Sdot Micha. Well, this is why! The great thing about open source research is that it is progressive -- the research we do one day lays the foundation for the research we do the next. (5/12)
The "explosion" video was posted on April 20. Satellite images captured by our friends at @planetlabs show a large burn scar that appeared on the same day at the test stand. I false-colored a pair of near-infrared images to reveal the scorched vegetation. (6/12)
If you want to see more images in true color, I made a little story. (7/12)
I also asked @AramShabanian and @ColdWarCrush to geolocate the video. After a little discussion, @obretix pinned the spot as a kibbutz called Mishmar David (31.822, 34.902°) looking straight at the rocket motor test stand due south. (North is down in this image.)(8/12)
So that's that. The photographer is looking at a known rocket motor test stand, filming what looks like a rocket motor test, on very same the same day that a satellite imaged a giant burn scar from a rocket motor test. (9/12)
So, what I am saying is, it was aliens. (Kidding.)
So, the big question is: Why not just say so? Why didn't Israel just say: "We tested a solid-rocket motor"? Clarity would have served their interest better.

But opacity is a habit. It's a culture that evolved in a bygone era but has yet to adapt to the current one. (11/12)
Or, as @HarelDan put it. (12/12)
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