Exposing Arvind Kejriwal and their politics behind covid crisis.
Delhi govt gives add in news paper
Will double the rate of testing, oxygen will be provided at your door steps
New advertisement---:
Will arange oxygen in every hospital of delhi govt
But, the question arises, even other states are having oxygen crisis, what are they doing?
Uttarpradesh :-
Yogi orders to make 10oxygen plants under 7 days
Link 🔗-
Gujarat :-
New oxygen plant in 72 hours in Palanpur, Gujarat
Kejriwal totally failed during this oxygen crisis, but why he given such kind of advertisement that, they will arrange oxygen, and will provide door to door?

See his Advertisement👇👇👇👇👇👇
The reason, as you all know how kejriwal govt tries to take credit of central govt.

The central govt have sanctioned funds from pm cares to bulid 162 PSA plants, among which 8 were given to delhi.
AK, tried to took credits, and advertised that oxygen will given to everyone
There was a failure of centre, who didn't installed all 8 plants
According to govt sources- 5 more will be installed till 30 April
Kejriwal, now crying, and didn't provided oxygen door to door, as centre has announced earlier and kejriwal gives adds to take credit of centre work
Kejriwal govt have spent a tremendous amount of money on doing advertisement, and in many took credit of centre
Shameless AAP is now going to fight elections in other states, which needs money, even FCRA rules have been stricken, so no chance of money coming from there.
Instead of using money on infrastructure, wasting in election.
Remember, no hospital built during 2015-19
Kejriwal can arrange:-
Water, ambulance, toilets for protesting farmers
Free wifi at border
But can arrange oxygen fir Delhiites, who voted him, because kejriwal sees votebank politics in Punjab and up
*can't arrange
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