Elder Marques, former senior advisor to Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau is now testifying about what he knew about the allegations against Vance in 2018
#BREAKING Elder Marques just revealed the Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, Katie Telford, was aware there were allegations against General Jonathan Vance
Marques says he has no recollection of briefing the Prime Minister on the allegations against Vance or knowledge of anyone else briefing the Prime Minister.
So today we have learned the most senior staffer to the Prime Minister knew about allegations against General Vance in 2018. The Prime Minister says he didn't know. That would mean his chief of staff did not tell him this when they were deciding Vance's future.
Elder Marques says that he has a recollection that he believed this could be a very serious allegation of a sexual nature.
Marques says he thinks it would have been problematic if the PM, Cabinet Ministers or political staff had tried to "insert" themselves at that time as it could be "counterproductive" at that point.
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