I wrote about #jobsjobsjobs obsession a year ago. Its reflective of the minimal different between Labour & the Tories: both living in the politically safe, out of touch past. 21st century solutions to 21st century problems like #BasicIncome are necessary.
https://medium.com/@luke.brotherdale.smith/jobs-jobs-jobs-b4315503ebd2 https://twitter.com/Keir_Starmer/status/1385594059109158912
“ If an injection suddenly fails to bring that immunity to many people, and at the same time is painful, and has negative side-effects, should the historic success of that injection mean we blindly worship and pursue with it, or is it time to re-think?”
“ jobs aren’t providing the vaccination and cure they may once have done. 70% of people in the UK in poverty have someone in their household working...Think about that. Huge numbers of children growing up in poverty, despite their parents working hard in their jobs.”
#ScottishElection2021 reflects growing acceptance that employment doesn’t guarantee an easy life as it may once have done. Multiple parties backing UBI to genuinely improve people’s lives, not just coerce them into an insecure job so your employment figures look nice.
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