1. I gotta scream into the void about this online -cameras on- calculus exam I just had.

Imagine being told the whole course that the exam would be open book, only to have your prof tell you in the zoom 3 MINUTES BEFORE THE EXAM STARTS that it's closed book
2. Told you'll fail if they see you with notes.

Imagine the panic welling in the 200 students on the zoom call whose desks are covered with math notes. The dawning realization that all your hours of studying were wasted, you're going to fail this exam. My brain just shut down.
3. Students begin expressing confusion in the chat. Frustration. Fear. Anger. Hopelessness.

The prof was confident about it, but then became a bit unsure as the wave of student backlash grew.

Says he will check with the other profs who co-teach the course.
4. He is sharing his screen at the moment, so we see him open a google hangout chat that includes the other profs and TAs of the course and type in "Is the exam open or closed book?"

There's lots of talk in the chat but NOBODY responds to him.
5. Ok so:
(A) We as students should def not see this private prof and TA chat,
(B) Oh God why is no one responding to him the exam is starting in 30 seconds
(C) Oh shit I'm going to fail. Breathe Ryan Breathe
(D) Oh we really *really* shouldn't be seeing this private chat
6. No one responds to him. They all ignore his question. And I mean, I get it, this prof was always oblivious to how the course *he* was teaching worked. He is *that* coworker. The one asking a minute before the exam - the exam he designed! - starts, asking if it is open book.
7. Everyone just ignores him. Meanwhile 200 students in sheer terror are watching this happen. Exam is about to start.

Do you trust your gut that the prof is wrong and use your notes and risk failing? Or do you get rid of your notes and risk failing?
8. All my brain cells were immediately burned up debating this. Even then I knew that whatever I decided I would have no mental stamina left for the exam.
9. Prof: "Huh, no one is responding. Guess everyone is to busy. Oh the exam has started! You all better begin"

So no answer. Welp.

I can see the all the other students faces on the zoom, it was a funeral.
10. So 200 students now primed to believe they will fail this exam no matter what they do open the exam, only to discover "THIS IS AN OPEN BOOK EXAM" written promptly on the top. Oh thank god.

I still think I failed it though. Prof ensured my tank was empty before I even began
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