As we know India is facing one of the worst 2nd waves of Covid 19, each passing day it's getting tougher on the health workers and front line workers.

We ask ARMYs around the world to help us as its a helpless situation.

Donation Link :
We are fundraising for the following causes:
- Free Oxygen Cylinder Suppliers.
- Medical Supplies Delivery.
- Community Kitchen Initiatives/Ration Kits (catering to patients at home/the homeless).

Your donation will help support initiatives like these and ensure that they're
able to support those in need. We would be grateful if you could contribute to the campaign and amplify it. The primary focus right now is the Anubhuti Trust, TYCIA Foundation and Mazdoor Kitchen.
We're currently prioritising Maharashtra and Delhi NCR initiatives but wish to start extending our support to cities like Lucknow, Bangalore, Ranchi and more that are badly hit, and with your help we can!
If you have any queries or require any help, please contact the organising team at [email protected].
Where donations will be allocated :-

- Hemkunt Foundation - Free Oxygen Cylinders for COVID Patients
- Anubhuti Trust - Ration Kits MH
- Mazdoor Kitchen - Meals, Ration & Oxygen Cylinders
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