Topic for the day: Cannon fodder: The amateurs surrounding Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards and the hangers on who think they can game the AlDub magic and fandom. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT47 I came upon this tweet 👇 by Ms. @carlos_rhodora and I'm amazed at how Chris Martinez opts to bicker with AlDub fans when he can just take a break for a while and let the storm pass. Don't do things when you're angry... #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT47
I think Director Chris Martinez should look at the #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT47, triggered by the DG-AA guesting, as an opportunity to learn about dealing with the expectations of fans & audiences of Daddy's Gurl & anticipating their reactions to plot lines. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT47
In every, GMA7 teleserye or sitcom, a creative director hovers over the film director. This is wrong. I think the director is the captain of the ship, the creative director and the filming director. Period.
Chris Martinez should transcend the anger of the fans & own all creative decisions in Daddy's Gurl. He'd have better chances of calming them down. Just say, I'm sorry, I didn't think this episode would make viewers unhappy. We'll try to do better. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT47
'We always strive to put laughter and joy in the hearts of our fans in these difficult times. We'll work harder to better read & assess the needs of our audiences in deciding where to bring the story of Stacey Otogan hereon.' #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT47
If Chris Martinez had opted for such a formal statement 👆in response to the backlash & boycott, instead of having a war of words w/ fans, he could've eased the tensions a bit. Take leadership, Chris, and set aside your ego for a while. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT47
AlDub fangirling and fanboying can be emotional. I think Chris Martinez should see the silver lining in the #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT47 and that's we're not indifferent to Daddy's Gurl. The worst things to happen to showbiz artists are to be ignored and taken for granted.
You put your heart 💖 in creative jobs like being a film or TV director. But to stay long in showbiz, directors must toughen up, learn to control his or her emotions so he or she can withstand the pressures of work, the demands from producers & audiences. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT47
Chris Martinez should realize the DG-AA guesting & the boycott were brought about by circumstances not within his control. There's always been a plan to crush AlDub fans. It would've been wise 4 Chris to dodge the bullet, shut up & not take it personally. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT47 Part 2 of Cannon fodder: GMA Artist managers don't know how to edify & glamorise their talents and resort to cheap gimmicks that only diminish them. And they do their tricks at the expense of Alden Richards! #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT48 Julie Anne, Sanya, Andrea. All wonderful, talented women who can rise on their own merits. But in the schemes of GMA Artist managers, they have to ride on the coattails of Alden to be stars. But instead of prestige, they draw scorn. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT48
Who are the GMA Artists geniuses who think that just by linking an actress' name to Alden will make her a top star & endorser? Instead, they're diminished as arm candies & in the eyes of AlDub fans, pawns in GMA7's ploy to pry away Alden from AlDub. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT48 In SoKor,, all actresses are retokada. But do they look cheap? No, because they're handled by top management that hides their private lives & edifies them as great actresses. Here actresses are cannon fodders vs AlDub fans #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT48
And Alden Richards suffers too, because he's linked to actresses just for the sake of annoying & riling AlDub fans, who usually decide to just stop watching Alden's solo projects sa inis! #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT48
It seems there are GMA Artists insiders who think their job is to annoy AlDub fans instead of crafting a glamorous, prestigious image for their young talents. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT48
Maybe, the narrow-minded tactics and the lack of imagination by which GMA Artists groom their talents are among the reasons why Triple A refused to make Maine sign an exclusive TV contract with GMA7. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT48
As you can glean from my previous posts, I'm no fan of ABS, but they know how to transform their talents into prestigious stars. Bea Alonzo, Judy Anne Santos and Sarah Geronimo are good actresses ... #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT48
But in the hands of ABS' Star Magic, they're seen as superstars of their generation even if their filmographies are nowhere near those of Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos & Lorna Tolentino, Dina Bonnevie, Sharon Cuneta and Maricel Soriano... #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT48
Instead of aiming for class and prestige, GMA Artists resort to cheap gimmicks like making their actress be the 3rd wheel to AlDub, thereby turning off potential fans. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT48
GMA Artists, stop linking Alden to your stars if you want them to be mega stars. Focus on what makes them unique & build projects that will harness their best qualities. Your job isn't to annoy AlDub fans. Or, we may just boycott GMA7 shows to annoy u 2. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT49 Sana ipa-seminar ng GMA7 ang talent managers nila para tantanan na nila yung gasgas na style na i-link si Alden sa mga stars nila eh wa epek naman. This stale strategy, if one can call it that, has disadvantaged their talents. Stop. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT49 As we suspect, GMA7, EB, Tape, MZET and APT got better deals to break the tandem. Time will reveal all in its own pace. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT49 Get your point. I was a loyal GMA7 fan & am appalled at how they handled AlDub. But Alden is connected to GMA & if we want an AlDub revival soon, we have to know how to pressure GMA7 to heed the fans. Or it's their loss. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT49 Mam, joining the #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT50 has made my spare time very interesting. I tip my hat off to all of you long-time AlDub defenders. We have the right to fight for great entertainment. We love AlDub. In showbiz, the worst experience is to be ignored. And as other fans said, kung iniinis nila tayo, bwisitin natin sila. Malaki mawawala sa kanila. Tayo data load lang 😜 . #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT50 I'm amazed that it's been easy for me to turn off the TV in the past few weeks. It's not hard na dedmahin sila. There are better alternatives to their brand of entertainment. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT50 In tuning off GMA7, I am not turning to other channels because PH big media are all anti-AlDub. There are many alternatives. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT50 With AlDub, GMA7 and APT already got the Infinity Stones of Philippine showbiz but they threw them away like pebbles. 😁 #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT50 I think GMA7 top management are too focused on ROIs, profit margins & cost-cutting. Their executives have lost sight of making movies, TV series & talent management as art. They have to have the passion to see the magic. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT50 GMA7 probably thought that cheap would ensure large profits, tubong-lugaw. They lost sight that classics gain value over time. In this pandemic, a stock of AlDub gems would be streaming gold. Quality lasts. Cheap is disposable. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT50 It's Ok to dramatize infidelity & troubled relationships. But while SoKor dramas are subtle, sophisticated & suspenseful, PH dramas are predictable & tawdry, full of slapping scenes, wherein women demean themselves for men. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT50
With a solid mass of audience, GMA7 & APT could've given them more mature & challenging roles together. They could've tapped AlDub popularity to ensure TV ratings & box office victory for what would've been risky but worthy shows. #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT50 Granting W/O CONCEDING that A&M are just friends, why can't they work together? Why does AlDub have to be shelved? #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT50
GMA7, APT, EB and TAPE may never tell us the truth about the scuttling of AlDub but through #TBADNBoycottMZETxAPT50 , we'll squeeze it out of them, somehow. Good evening fellow AlDub fans!
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