1) Doing a deep dive into research on the dose response relationship in psychotherapy sessions & outcome & how this could assist with projected psychology staffing needs on #mentalhealth teams. Potentially could be better barometer of staffing needs than general population stats.
2) We need more sophisticated models of calculating staffing requirements on mental health teams & more discussions on capacity.

Capacity for initial assessments vs ongoing therapeutic input are related but also very separate issues
3) Lack of shared & agreed understanding of what capacity means in different contexts can lead to risk of conflict on #mentalhealth teams that is not in the best interests of the team or those who avail of the service
4) Interesting research from Australia concluding that for those significantly burdened by poor mental health they suggest a minimum benefit should be closer to 20 sessions for recovery
5) Discussions about therapeutic capacity also need to reflect the realities of non direct client contact demands, session prep, formulation, ICPs, notes, psychometric scoring, CPD, team meetings, phone calls, database updating
6) We all know we need much more staffing on #mentalhealth teams, lets try make sure we calculate how many based on the realities of clinicians capacity & protect staff from further burnout
7) We also need to calculate #mentalhealth staffing with a recovery aim in mind based on what the client needs to achieve recovery vs the minimum we can offer because we're over stretched and beyond capacity.
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