Kejriwal and Delhi crisis. A thread (1/n)

Here are the number of tweets in past few days Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal made on oxygen and lack of availability in the national capital.
Here is his tweet on availability of beds in Delhi. March 30. Today is April 23 (2/n)
Here is Kejriwal on remdesivir. Since Kejriwal has neither tweeted on scarcity nor has he assured of enough beds, one can assume remdesivir supply is not a concern in Delhi (3/n)
Here are the latest tweets on COVID patients being helpless about lack of availability of beds in Delhi. These are just the last few ones. There are many, many such distress messages (4/n)
Here are people sending SOS for remdesivir in Delhi. Kejriwal has not ONCE tweeted about scarcity of remdesivir in national capital. (5/n)
So, the only crisis during this second wave of coronavirus Delhi is facing is on oxygen? When people in Delhi are begging for beds and remdesivir on social media, why is Kejriwal only speaking about oxygen? What about other essentials? WHAT ABOUT BEDS? (6/6)
Here is an update. Will continue to update this thread with whatever info I come across.
Wonder what the 'war room for oxygen' led by Sisodia is busy doing
Kejriwal crying for oxygen, but refuses to figure out transportation, etc. Raghav Chadha can personally go and set up WIFI for farmers at border, but for oxygen, they are waiting for instructions. WHAT PATHETIC LOSER!
Sources tell me one of his close aide who has earlier been a 'union leader' of sort before taking up politics is trying to get his own takers to take a cut. Thank Kejri govt for giving you oxygen se azadi.
Sources tell me this leader has been sitting on tankers list because of huge black marketing opportunity. Also why Delhi govt has not been vocal about lack of bed and remdesivir supply, when people are begging for non-oxygen beds as well.
I really hope that once we tide over this, an inquiry is set and all communications, letters, memos are checked and scrutinised to see who all messed up where. Twitter pe rone se achha kaam hi kar lete yeh log.
Cannot believe this has to be told. Kejriwal cannot put his arms up and say we can't do anything. You cannot rid yourself of the responsibility.
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