Thread for #COVIDEmergency2021 support resources/fundraiser links. NOTE: I'll only be *collating/consolidating* links I find on credible handles from across social media, on this thread, in an attempt to make sifting through platforms a little easier.
A guide with links to home isolation resources in #Chennai.

Instagram Guide link here:
The Instagram handles I'm mentioning have links to Google Drive documents of resources that are even more comprehensive. Do check. If you have any support leads, do DM these handles and let them know so that they can add to their stories/docs.
The trans community need your help. Pls do contribute to their Chennai-based community kitchen.

For more details, reach out to @softpretzell.

is collating resources for around 10 cities 👇🏽
This is an ongoing volunteer-collated document of #mutualaid requests. Please share widely! And do get in touch with @gaachburi or @sonakshaiyengar with fundraisers you think should be added to support those in need.
Wondering how you can be of help? There are many ways. Check out @Sherinapoyyail's comprehensive thread below:
@smdsanghi shash, if you have consolidated links to support resources that i should mention here, lmk!
Those who need #oxygen resources, keep checking @otherwarya's Instagram stories (same handle on IG as well). Pan-India. Verified.
Mentioning this useful bot-based Twitter search page again. Lets you search for all resources across Twitter in one place. 
Shruti Goutham is offering free psychotherapy sessions on a first-come, first-serve basis. Do reach out to her.
Helpline numbers for Chennai Corporation's Tele-Counselling Centre. For all COVID-19 related queries 👇🏽
patients with mild cases can speak to Dr Anusheel (IG handle link: who is doing this in order to reduce the burden on hospitals and to prevent mild cases from getting severe.
Database for home-cooked food caterers in #Bengaluru 👇🏽
There's another useful new bot-based search page for #COVIDEmergency2021 resources on Twitter. (via @/its.apratim on Instagram)
This is Twitter's own page for #COVIDEmergency2021 support resources.

"COVID-19 SOS: Here's a list of resources"
To register for Home ICU setup in #Delhi, #Pune, #Nasik, #Mumbai, #Nagpur, #Baroda, #Surat

@/mitalibhasin on Instagram has made two guides on affordable therapists in India. Comprehensive list.
What you can do to take care of your mental health 👇🏽THREAD
Register for #Gurugram/ #Gurgaon hospital beds. Only for residents 👇🏽 
For all info related to #COVID19 in #Chennai, please use this web-based app (works on all devices). Chennai people, please share widely! Their Twitter a/c @covid19chennai
Hyderabad folk, tagging @nsaibalaji. His thread 👇🏽has links to all #COVIDEmergency2021 resources.
Tagging volunteer @Keshu__10 here. His video 👇🏽explains how you can source leads for oxygen/plasma/remdesvir.
BJP's Covid helplines for #Bengaluru residents 👇🏽
Dropping relevant hashtags here to amplify the thread. #CovidSOS #CovidIndia #COVIDEmergency2021 #CovidResources #CovidIndiaInfo #COVID19
via @shyamsundark.

📲 Get access to important information & helpline numbers through COVID19 Chennai Help app
#CoronaChennai #CovidChennai #Chennai #Remdesivir #Oxygen

Rujuta is collating resources here. #Delhi #NCR #COVIDEmergency2021
#Delhi: For #oxygen cylinder requirements. 👇🏽
A #Delhi government dashboard showing hospital bed availability 👇🏽 

List of caterers providing home-cooked meals in #Delhi 👇🏽
Another helpful portal with information on several #COVIDEmergency2021 support resources👇🏽
What to do if you're symptomatic? via @chennaicorp
Another crowdsourced portal for real-time info on #CovidIndia resources. Please RT and share widely. 
Contacts of duty managers, nodal officers, etc for hospital bed availability in #Delhi 👇🏽
Don't wait for test results if you experience one of the symptoms. Start treatment. 👇🏽
How to use a pulse oximeter/how do you know when it's become severe 👇🏽
#COVID19India food help in #Chennai 👇🏽
Thread of info for handling #COVIDEmergency in #TamilNadu 👇🏽
Sharing yet another tech solution, fwiw.

IITD alumni's CovRelief portal ( ) provides live tracking of vacant #hospital beds in cities. Data from government websites.

When you open the app-link, click on 'add to home screen' to install it.
@callarosearose is collating all requests - oxygen, beds, meds, plasma, meals - in and around #Hyderabad/ #Telangana/ #AndhraPradesh 👇🏽
#DoubleMasking, with cloth and surgical masks, can prevent leakage of air and fit the contours of the face better, studies by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found. 👇🏽
Contacts of nodal officers at #Lucknow private #hospitals 👇🏽  helps Covid patients and healthcare workers with home food options pan India. #covidmealsforindia
Another directory for COVID-19 resources in #Bengaluru, set up by volunteers in the #Karnataka govt task force. 
A map of COVID-19 #hospitals in #Bengaluru and #Delhi. Pinned locations for easier navigation, hospital contact numbers, etc 👇🏽

People in #Bengaluru, bookmark this thread on essential info on #CovidResources
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