Round 1 of


reaches its end today with the last 8 World groups.

(Tomorrow it's Golden Beat nominations)
Match W41!

1 Celia Cruz!
2 The Isley Brothers!
3 The Who!
4 British Sea Power!

"You can actually improvise and make up your own lyrics"

"I think I was born off this. Mom and Dad still owe me a trip to Atlantis."

"As Armenian I’m confused why it called “Armenia city in the sky”"

"congrats on tapping into a tiny demographic of climate nerds"
Match W42!

1 Allo Darlin'!
2 Toto!
3 Sash!!
4 Talk Talk!

"Really nice vocals and jangles. Lamest facial hair ever"

"My name Is David TOTO and I was born in Africa.
I’m a huge meme in my school"

"Before listening I didn't know anything about Ecuador. Now I know even less."

"sort of a cross between "The Joshua Tree" and ambience"
Match W43!

1 Men At Work!
2 Geoff And Maria Muldaur!
3 Ryuichi Sakamoto!
4 Yabby You & King Tubby!

"Wish I spoke Australian so I could fully appreciate this, but still an all time favourite"

"You can hardly imagine how much forms I had to fill out to make this comment"

"When you hear a sound, you must not think that it is a sound"

"Serious fire safety message here"
Match W44!

1 Van Halen!
2 The Human League!
3 Blur!
4 Eddy Grant!


"I'm Lebanese and I have no idea how to react to this"

"somehow when I listened to this song I always read ponygang"

"a genius concealment of a serious message"
Match W45!

1 Future Sound Of London!
2 Herb Alpert And His Tijuana Brass!
3 Destroyer!
4 The Cure!

"This sound recovers me from narcissitic abuse..."

"Once you could hear this great tune and ones like it in an elevator. I miss those days."

"this is a good song with handclapping. i like handclapping it makes me happy."

"the album sounds like punky beatles :)"
Match W46!

1 Miles Davis!
2 Gil Scott-Heron!
3 Kim Wilde!
4 Scissor Sisters!

"Simply monsters!!!!. All this guys are awesome!!!!"

"What's the word now?
Imperialism and Neo-Colonialism"

"After this song I must visit Cambodia :)"

"The Oz books and movies are very deep and connected to project MK Ultra."
Match W47!

1 Dexter Gordon!
2 OutKast!
3 Dengue Fever!
4 The Four Tops!

“Damn, the solo on E♭ half-whole diminished scale at the ending!”

“Selling pillows and duvets for everyone sleeping on Big Boi’s verse”

“very much psychedelic melody, always awesome, keep up great job”

“Written and produced by the one the only Sir Phil Collins”
Match W48!

1 PSY!
2 Gilberto/Getz!
3 Songhoy Blues!
4 Aliza Azikri!

“Everyone doing the Gangnam Style dance was the closest we’ve come to world peace”

“I first heard this song when I was 16 now I am 17 and this is still lit af”

“I’m here because of the Imperial War Museum in London”

“Her voice just does things to me”
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