[ Thread ] I could talk about how the NHGOP couldn't care less about the environment and your well-being, but let me point something else out instead (it's true.. they couldn't care less). Instead of focusing on how New Hampshire could turn the tides in favor of sustainability.. https://twitter.com/GovChrisSununu/status/1385347907759509506
(2/4) and feature all the amazing work done by organizations across the state to reduce our carbon footprint, the narrative continues to be:

"Me! Oooo, look what I DID".

Traveling the Appalachian Trail does not mean you did something good for our environment.
(3/4) It just means you took a hike, like you should do right now and realize that your administration has done nothing to create a pathway towards a zero-emission economy. For an MIT graduate, you have failed to show your learning, and have failed to move NH forward.
(4/4) Our Governor is unable to realize the importance of eco-practices and climate justice. Go ahead Governor, go prepare for that Senate run. Know that hiking the Appalachian Trail will be easier than dealing with the Progressive wave that's about to hit in 2022. #NHPolitics
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