A staggering 45% of the emissions reductions we need for a swift net-zero transition must come from clean technologies that aren't yet in the marketplace, according to the @IEA.
We urgently need advances across a range of technologies, including long-duration energy storage, zero-carbon fuels, clean industrial processes, next-generation renewables, advanced mobility, net-zero buildings, carbon removal, clean agriculture, and much more.
. @POTUS is raising the bar for investing in the technologies and industries of the future, calling on the United States to quadruple funding for clean energy research, development, and deployment over four years.
The good news is that investing in the industries of the future is a massive economic opportunity. Already, global investment in clean energy technologies crossed the $500B mark in 2020, and clean technologies will represent multitrillion-dollar markets in the decades to come.
The countries, firms, and investors that seize this opportunity will reap the economic rewards--and they'll have an outsized impact on speeding net-zero transitions around the world and raising our collective climate ambition.
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