We need full facts on what was going on in that whole situation with #MakiahBryant. Something feels very off especially what that foster parent said about what started it was an argument about the house being dirty. The sirens are going off. Someone needs to be held accountable.
I keep seeing the interview with her mother & there's something about the tears that feels forced, not genuine. And how she doesn't want to talk about the altercation. I'm not judging. It just feels weird to me. This is my read. Someone failed Ma'Khia & it isn't just the police.
I'm the parent of a 16 year old & this shit has been sitting with me since Tuesday. And how she is being represented in the media. I wish I could have been there to envelop & protect her like I still do my own son. Someone failed that beautiful girl & they need to find out who.
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