Claremont’s use of the “n” word in “God Loves, Man Kills” (and elsewhere in UXM) is an unresolved controversy, but in a recent episode of the “Marvel/Method” podcast, Claremont is called out quite directly to speak to the issue with a pair of prominent black artists. #xmen 1/6
As described on their website “Marvel/Method is a weekly podcast where actor and rapper Method Man interviews celebrity guests about life and all things fandom, Marvel comics, music and more.” The series is sponsored by Marvel directly and featured on . 2/6
In episode 8 of the series, Method Man is joined by fellow rapper and activist Killer Mike to discuss comics. Claremont comes onto the show at roughly the 17min mark and a fruitful discussion about racial politics in X-Men quickly develops. 3/6
When asked about his use of the “n” word, Claremont attributes it to the character voice of Kitty Pryde, a teenager whose innocence and idealism (paired with naivety) might indeed lead her to use that word carelessly, but for noble intentions in her eyes. 4/6
Claremont’s hosts are gracious in accepting this explanation, while noting that it was a bold artistic decision and that “the weight of the word needs to be felt.” 5/6
This is by no means the end of the debate on a controversial choice that Claremont made, but seeing the author directly held to account for it in an open discussion is refreshing and offers some insight into what Claremont was thinking at the time, and even since. 6/6
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