1. Parents: do you want your kids subjected to a lifetime of trial gene drugs?
2. They are coming for your kids

Government wants to jab your kids - possibly from 5 + above - with trial gene drugs...not once but 3-4 times a year every year for life

Does this make kids GM-kids?

#CrimeAgainstChildren #LeaveOurKidsAlone

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3. What is risk to children?

Gov data shows risk to all young people extremely low; as close to zero as you can get without decimal points

With risks this low + with 🇬🇧 herd immunity achieved there is NO case for imposing a lifetime of trial gene drugs on kids

4. Do you trust any of these men?

They all want to do nothing apart from jab your kids with trial gene drugs

...not once but several times a year for all time

#CrimesAgainstChildren #LeaveOurKidsAlone #ChildAbuse #GMKids #GeneticallyModifiedKids

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5. And the trials which are running on #GuineaKids ~ how are they going...starting to see some 😢 news coming out

#CrimeAgainstChildren #LeaveOurKidsAlone #NurembergCode #ChildAbuse

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6. Why oh why do we need to jab every kid on this planet for a 🦠 with a global kill rate of 0.03% and with an IFR (Prof Ioannidis) just above that of flu...

Who benefits? Who gains?

And are there no alternative treatments 🤔

#CrimeAgainstChildren #LeaveOurKidsAlone
7. One day they will ask you...

“Mummy, Daddy...why did you not fight for me...why did you not protect me?”


#CrimesAgainstChildren #GMKids #LeaveOurKidsAlone

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10. What do paediatricians think about all of this?

It would be good to hear from those who have taken the Hippocratic Oath...

The documented risk to kids is close to zero; what is the rush to #GMKids

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