The Taliban published an essay on the system they want to rule Afghanistan. For liberals, what may pop out is their unequivocal call for stern Islamic rules, "purified" from any trace of the West. Others may see a call against corruption & oppression. 
Interesting notes: The Taliban call for a repeat of much of their rule from the 90s, including chopping off the hands of thieves and adulterers stoned or whipped (the hudood)
Have they changed on women?

"We want an Islamic system where all the rights of women, as understood by Islam, are protected."

"As understood by Islam" is key, with the Taliban upholding a version similar to that of Saudi Arabia. It continues:
They call for women to have "their share in inheritance, are not given away to settle murderous feuds, possess the right to marry and of choice in husband...and where she can serve her society...while maintaining the correct Islamic hijab."
The "correct Islamic hijab" is not defined, presumably because the Taliban only see one version of a correct Islamic hijab. But this means enforcement of a certain code of dress for Afghan women. They already dress rather conservatively, but presumably, not conservatively enough
The question will be whether they'll create morality officers to police women's dress, and how harshly it will be done. In parts of Afghanistan where the burka rules, there's no need.
But for women who wear headscarves that show bits of their hair, or wear tights under tunics, this will be an issue.
and this is important: "We want an Islamic system...where our country is purified from foreign forces and their ideologies, as well as any trace of Western legal systems. We desire an Islamic system that protects our religious values, national interests, culture and traditions.
What does that mean? It could mean dismantling Afghanistan's fragile democracy, to be replaced by what? All-male councils headed by men that the Taliban view as scholars?

Voting or not voting? Voting for whom?
It certainly means a dismantling of the judicial system and present Afghan laws.
And the last part: "culture and traditions" is frequently used by Muslim conservatives to justify robbing women of the rights they are accorded in Islam by claiming that they are not culturally or traditionally appropriate.
Examples include banning women from re-marriage, taking away her children if she choses to remarry, denying her inheritance and forcible marriage.
None of this is particularly surprising, but it's important to note that the Taliban have never shied away of saying what they want for Afghanistan.
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